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Hi! This is Bear and Rainbow. You’re reading this page so you can hopefully determine if it would be in alignment for us to work together. Whether you receive services from one of us, or both of us, let us dive into the clarity of who we work well with and who we don’t.

Are You Being Called to be a Leader, Teacher, Visionary, and Healer?

We work well with people who are willing to take full, personal responsibility for their personal transformation to achieve the results they desire.

We teach people how to fish. We don’t just give people a fish. We believe in empowering people to become emotionally independent, so they can eventually teach others how to have emotional freedom, without being dependent on us.

We do not enable victim-hood, which means complaining, blaming, or justifying without coming up with solutions to solve one’s problems.

When we heal and teach, what we teach is personal development with shamanic edge, niche psychic protection. People who stay longer with us as our students and clients are usually on the path to becoming healers and teachers themselves.

We are a leadership development center. We are leaders creating other leaders, warriors, service-based healers, luminaries, and visionaries. We offer training and empowering guidance. For high success rate and effectiveness, it is an ongoing work in progress, not a temporary quick fix, one shot fix all.

People who work successfully with us realize that personal transformation takes time and are willing to put in their work. We are facilitators who guide you, but do not spoon feed you everything.

If you think you want to be a visionary, luminary, service-based healer, warrior, and leader and feel your resonate with our philosophy, let’s have a conversation!

To Your Success & Empowerment!

“Healing–It Is All That Is”

Bear & Rainbow
Shamanic Instructor-Healers for Psychic Protection
REHAB is Revolutionary, Eclectic Healing And Beyond.


Biography: Rainbow

Rainbow Heart Freedom Eagle, better known as Rainbow is a
shaman, channeler, spiritual advisor, healer, psychic, author, Community Health Education Specialist, professional organizer, certified qigong instructor, and loves making vegetarian cuisines on http://youtube.com/EhabTouch vegetarian channel.
She is a master-teacher of:
Shamanic Reiki, Usui Reiki, Galactic Reiki, Egyptian Reiki, Ixtarian Healing, and Nexus Avatar Healing.
She is also is a practicioner of: Yuen Method, qigong, and yoga.
Co-Founder of: REHAB Shamanic System Attunements


Biography: Bear

Standing Bear Thunder Heart has earned the title, Master Standing Bear from his spiritual teachers.
He is a also a shaman, channeler, spiritual advisor, healer, psychic, author, and a huge fan of mixed martial arts. MMA fans check out his
He is a master-teacher of:
Shamanic Reiki, Usui Reiki, Seichiem-Sekhem Reiki, Galactic Reiki, Dolphin Reiki, Kundalini Reiki, Gold Reiki, Huna Reiki, Golden Triangle Reiki, Egyptian Reiki, Photonic Healing, Star Avatar Multi-dimensional Healing, Star Avatar of the Abyss Multi-dimensional Healing, Shambala Multi-dimensional Healing Level 1,Sacred Ways of the Lakota Elders: Through Wallace Black Elk, Learning Annex.
Co-Founder of: REHAB Shamanic System Attunements


Bear & Rainbow are Shamanic Healer-Instructors for Psychic Protection. Bear & Rainbow have been featured in Love & Light Center, Cross Roads Cafe, Trading Post Center, Telemagica event, Natural Awakenings Magazine, Spiritside Magazine, loveasrevolution.com/amazing-beings, various public healing demo’s, and various parties, events, and concerts, Youtube’s “psychic vampire” channel, and other media channels regarding financial freedom, mixed martial arts, healing, and cooking.


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Other People’s Experience with

Bear & Rainbow’s Impact

(Rainbow)” …reminded me of who I really
am, I am finding my own inner power, like my mother who is an
extremely powerful faith healer.” — Roxanne Rojas, Mother & Spiritual Seeker


…”I am adamantly doing the healing work that I need on myself
because I know I can. You’re a powerful healer (Rainbow) because it’s your
path. It’s in your bones.” — Ashley Hannan, Environmental Activist


…”I felt my inner child being set free from a cage after he (Bear) shattered it. .. I felt myself sliding very fast through a tube during this hypnosis to discover and heal my past.” — Yvonne Piper, Lifeguard

“Standing Bear definitely stands out as an excellent facilitator! … removed not only my mother’s resident astral parasites, but indeed MANY of these parasites from the astral realm!”
–Lisa Allen, Astrologer & Herbologist


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