Bear & Rainbow Demonstrates Healing on Clients from Bear and Rainbow on Vimeo.

Bear demonstrates energetic healing on his clients.

Let’s watch the protection, centering, clearing, healing, meditation, problem solving in spirit and mental worlds, massage, clearing, and protection again.

Channeling can help you find answers on how to live your life in alignment with your spirit when used the proper way. Here, Bear channels Archia Alonis. She explains what spirituality is from her perspective. Let’s listen in.

Standing Bear Thunder Heart, aka Bear, channels an angelic being by the name of Archia (female-Archangel) Alonis. This is an Archia of information, humor, balance, creativity, and problem solving. She is also a Principality, the most powerful of all orders of angels. The topic Archia Alonis talks about is, “What is Spirituality?” for the entire Adamic Human race. The message is for all of us. This is a very wise and powerful entity who has humanity’s best interest, so enjoy the message.

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Standing Bear Thunder Heart has earned the title, Master Standing Bear from his spiritual teachers.
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