Where shall I begin, the worldly stuff or the ethereal stuff? Who makes it matter?

As much as I ran away from it as a youth I keep coming back to the dance. I eat, sleep, and breathe the natural healing arts! I am a holistic health practitioner.

I’m currently on the Paleo diet as one of the ways I thrive with autoimmune disease lifestyle.

My partner and I used to have psychic protection as our flagship program because that’s what people repeatedly asked for. Before the pandemic we offered Reiki healing shares or circles. Now we offer healing sessions & training/ certifications.

Now I offer Turn Empath Curse into Empath Mastery. I help people turn their pain into power.

I have been a certified qigong instructor, Usui Reiki master-teacher, a student- practitioner of Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine, and my ancestors and spirit guides hang out with me on this journey called life.

I spend most of my life working with the youth and the elderly. I have a Bachelor of Science in Health Science. I’m a Community Health Education Specialist, a member of National Honor Society, and National Association of Professional Organizers. I’m first generation Filipina American.

I’m a Heyokah, spirit shaman, & Dakini. If you want to know my other lives as a human, ET, etc, we can talk in person. I am a yogini and have facilitated various kinds of meditations.

My mess is my message. Trauma is healed by truth. Over decades, I have healed many ailments I used to live with that medical doctors could not, as I started my path of self healing.

I encourage anyone seeking healing to look into this book, Heal Your Body: The Mental Causes For Physical Illness & The Metaphysical Way to Overcome Them, by Louise Haye.

I receive joy as people heal themselves, going deeper into their inner and over standing of themselves.

Let’s explore and enjoy life! Life is art, messy and beautiful. I am who you want me to be.

I, Rainbow, am meant to uncover shit.  Not just shameful acts, but even unhealed aspects of oneself.  This is one of my superpowers.  If you want to know your white noise holding your back, keeping you stuck from breaking the next glass ceiling of attaining a goal, a lover, some feeling like confidence, I may be the one to help you with this.  Contact me to see if it’s a match and we’ll see if we’re meant to move forward together in unearthing your triggers, I mean your treasures, from finding love, feeling confident, to obtaining certain goals in any aspect of your life.  You can go with any metaphysician, counselor, therapist, coach, or healer.

How I differ is I bring you awareness of what it is that innately blocks your problems from being solved.  I’m not convenient.  I’m not comfortable.  But I will tell you what you need to hear in order for your desired changes to happen.  Let’s put it this way.  I had T. Harv Eker as one of my teachers.  He said there was no CEO training when he was up and coming.  So, he and his team taught a plethora of power packed classes such as warrior training, train the trainer, and business school.  My background of reclaiming your power and happiness is based on both the metaphysical-natural-universal-indigenous laws, and the corporate-business-physical reality.  I merge spirit and physical in how I translate your needs and solutions that are already within you.

  1. Harv Eker went on to say that when he has meetings, there absolutely has to be one, at least one change implemented.  Every meeting, on all levels, even if it is with the janitor has to have one improvement implemented, not just agreed upon and documented.  This is how he has grown an empire so fast.  If you took your life this seriously, imagine all the things you would already have in your character, in your business, in your relationships, in your bucket list life experiences!

People can’t hide things around me.  It’s like I’m a magnet that sucks their darkness out, exposes it in the light, and then it burns up into transcendence.  Where there’s smoke there’s fire.  I am a fire element to say the least.  Do I want to or intend to do this?  Do I go out looking for this?  Hell no!  It’s my path.  It never fails.  Those who are guilty never remain around me.  Their downfall naturally accelerates in my presence without my knowledge or effort.

I am one of the flame keepers of the Truth medicine.

Preventing Parasitism

Medicine Cards: How to Use Them Effectively, with Rainbow



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How to Prepare for Your Medicine Card Readings with Rainbow

Q: What are the Medicine Cards?
A: A tool that reflects your subconscious truthful answers when used correctly.

Q: Why does Rainbow use Medicine Card readings for people?
A: Rainbow facilitates healing & finding solutions.

Q: What’s the criteria for performing effective MC readings?
A: Clear, Specific, Open to giving info, Courageous to receiving truthful info, Designate clear options to compare, Relaxed & centered, Focused.

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Being the past psychic food for humans & supernatural forces, Rainbow was dying.  In her teens, her medical record file was a little more than an inch thick from seeing the doctors for too many things, too many times in her childhood.  Tired of being poked, prodded, labeled, worsened, and zombified with pharmaceutical drugs, she left the Western Medical paradigm to heal herself. From her experience with Filipino faith healers, to Asian, African, Native American, Mexican healers/ therapists, & beyond, she developed her self-understanding & innate psychic abilities for healing herself over the past decades.  Now she empowers people with psychic protection training so that they can feel love, confidence & joy, too.

Rainbow Heart Freedom Eagle, better known as Rainbow is a shaman, channeler, spiritual advisor, healer, energy healer, psychic, teacher, speaker, author of psychic protections manuals & goddess makeovers, and loves making vegetarian cuisines.

Co-Founder of: REHAB Shamanic System Attunements
Certified master-teacher of Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki.
Certified instructor of qigong.
Practitioner & student of: Yuen Method, Life Path Attunement Level 1, yoga, qigong. Bachelors of Arts Degree in Health Science,
Member National Association Professional Organizers
Certified Community Health Education Specialist

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