Bear demonstrates energetic healing on his clients.

“What is Sprituality?” from Alonis, through Channeler Bear

Let’s watch the protection, centering, clearing, healing, meditation, problem solving in spirit and mental worlds, massage, clearing, and protection again.

Channeling can help you find answers on how to live your life in alignment with your spirit when used the proper way. Here, Bear channels Archia Alonis. She explains what spirituality is from her perspective. Let’s listen in.

Standing Bear Thunder Heart, aka Bear, channels an angelic being by the name of Archia (female-Archangel) Alonis. This is an Archia of information, humor, balance, creativity, and problem solving. She is also a Principality, the most powerful of all orders of angels. The topic Archia Alonis talks about is, “What is Spirituality?” for the entire Adamic Human race. The message is for all of us. This is a very wise and powerful entity who has humanity’s best interest, so enjoy the message.

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With great power comes great responsibility.  Being bullied as a scrawny teenager, retaliation was tempting Bear, who was starting to get corrupt with the accumulation of power, from abusing psychic power to martial arts power.  He was attracting physical fights and psychic warfare to the point that his mentor, Sister Jackie, told him he needed to learn how to become a healer with love, if he was to balance being a human being. Hence, the journey of rediscovering the healer began. With Bear’s transformation into a healer, he now teaches others how to understand black magic, grow themselves into more happy and empowered people, even into healers themselves.

Standing Bear Thunder Heart, better known as Bear is a shaman, channeler, spiritual advisor, healer, energy healer, psychic, teacher, speaker, author of healing and psychic protection manuals, and loves martial arts.

Co-Founder of: REHAB Shamanic System Attunements

He is practitioner of:
Shambala Multi-dimensional Healing Level 1,
Sacred Ways of the Lakota Elders with the late Wallace Black Elk.

He is a certified master-teacher of:
Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki, New Usui Reiki Energies, Ascension Reiki, Holy Fire Reiki, Seichiem-Sekhem Reiki, Galactic Reiki, Dolphin Reiki, Kundalini Reiki, Gold Reiki, Huna Reiki, Golden Triangle Reiki.

Associates degree in Psychology & English

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