Denise Moreland, Retired

Amber Figueroa, Traveler

Gabriela Silva, Artist, School Teacher, and Art and Crafts Vendor at indoor markets

Leah, Kid worker at the Outdoor Market

Mickey Riis, Restaurant Cook

Kerry Benson, School Teacher
Hey, Bear!  I just wanted to share the results of my session with you a little over a week ago.  I waited this long, because you said there might still be a few things that would appear and not to worry about it.  Well, you were right.  I had a little bit of anxiety and extreme emotion Thursday  for several minutes, and it dissipated quickly.  Other than that, I have had significantly better ‘balance’, and most of my mood swings have either disappeared or been extremely mild; I have been able to better focus on work, which is important with school starting up.  So, I believe what I am getting at is that the hour-long cleansing session I had long-distance with you was probably even more effective than my first, shorter experience months ago.  I understand how energy can be amplified, directed electromagnetically, and transmitted long distances in such a fashion, and I honestly think this was a powerful experience.  I imagine I will need a ‘tune-up’ eventually, but for now – and I have had several personal and professional ‘fires’ pop up in the week since my session – I can report that I have not panicked or hidden under a rock. Also, I had several issues – with everything from ZOOM not quite working for me until 3rd period, to having to try to take roll with postage-stamp sized faces, on Friday, our start up.  I was able to shrug my shoulders and laugh it off, and I know I will obviously get better.  I fear had I not had a session and a powerful cleansing, I might be one of the many, many anxiety-ridden educators out there, who are struggling far worse than me just now.  So, thank you for your time, effort, and expertise.  I really appreciate your skills.  Best regards, K. Benson.

Theresa Lynn Salazar, Caretaker, Healer
“My last clearing with Bear was amazing. I didn’t even know I had so much stuff inside me, that was black and evil. The beginning of the session I felt kind of slumps and tired. Then when Bear progressed into it, I just felt all the bad energy leaving me. I even came to a point where I met up with a presence and we were like in a tug of war, I kept trying to fight it and pull him into the black hole, but then I had some encouragement by others behind me helping me. I believe they were my spirit guides helping me. We pulled and pulled seemed like I was pulling for hours but we finally did it! I beat that figure and he went down and since then I have not seen him again. The next phase of it was pretty interesting, I kept seeing different colors of auras and I got to see my main spirit guide. At first I couldn’t really see what he looked like, but as time grew in my clearing, and before he left I actually saw who my spirit guide was. It was my grandfather at one of his youngest stages in life. It was amazing. And the waterfalls of different colors, breathe taking. I think he was showing me that I would be safe and that life would be just as amazing as what I had seen. I thank Bear for this cleansing because he did a lot for me. Last thing I wanna say is that after the clearing, my whole body changed. My diabetes came down and I’m no longer above 200. On a brighter note the Shadow Man no longer exists in any of my realms or my space and my chakras are open and I’m able to do my work more effectively.”

Amanda Browne, Social Worker
“I had two healings with Bear. The first time, he really got things moving. I had been experiencing some stagnancy and frustration, that started to shake loose after a quick session with Bear. The second time was a little more intense, like a cord cutting. I had been struggling to let go of a relationship and feeling like I had failed. After that second session with Bear, I was able to move forward without looking back and operate from a place of peace and acceptance. It really allowed me to clear space for new people and opportunities in my life. Thank you, Bear, for your wonderful healing spirit!” https://www.linkedin.com/in/ajbrowne/

Felicia Rodriguez, Home School Teacher
“I along with my family have received so much healing work from Bear & Rainbow. We have all had such great results from personal sessions to attending their Reiki demos. I am currently pregnant and have been able to experience such a close bonding experience with my unborn little one. The closeness I have felt with her at each sessions brings tears to my eyes each time. Earlier on in my pregnancy I was experiencing some major breathing problems & landed up in the hospital multiples times yet was sent home each time because nothing was found in my lungs or found to be causing me not to breathe. I went to Bear & Rainbow for this problem & after a session with Bear I felt immediate relief & over a course of a few days I was back to normal! I am so gratefully thankful for what they do & am so grateful to have found such great healers. I fully trust in them so much so does my husband, children, parents & I regularly attend their Reiki demonstrations. With Boundless Love, Felicia Rodriguez.”

Jasmyne Helena Rogers, Creator/CEO at Inspired Creations, LLC, Owner at Jasmyne’s Interiors
You know I just love you guys! So generous in spirit and kind with words!! I still marvel at the healing Bear performed for me in Santa Fe that day! No issues since!!!!!! I swear! Thank you friend for always taking time to share sweet testimonials on Whipped all-in-one Body Butter Blend…we love you!

Lori Michelle Abel, Artist, Professional Masseuse, Shamanic Healer, Akashic Records
I visited Bear’s office in Santa Fe two times this winter to receive Shamanic and Reiki healing sessions. Upon visiting I did not know what to expect the first time. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that he performs Reiki but with other Shamanic Breathing techniques. I received powerful releases of energy cords from past relationships. As I visited him the second time, to get a longer session, I was able to tune into my third eye more and be able to determine some deep soul Traumas, and see exactly how my energy had been hampered in my past lives. My own spirit guides were easier to commune with and hear in my own clairaudient abilities. I believe that Bear has a gift for being able to ground my body properly which helps me go into the deepest soul healing space to be able to clear past life baggage forever.  Bear uses his mastery of Reiki to move dense energy out of my chakras and move it off of my body. I trust his presence to provide a safe and ceremonial space. He listens to your concerns before the session and gives you ample time to explain what is happening with you before beginning. His ability to focus on you and provide therapeutic listening is really what set him apart from other healing practitioners I have met. Being a healer myself, It was extremely refreshing to finally receive a Shamanic healing session! I felt clearer and lighter in my auric field and thoughts. Thank you Bear!  http://www.serpentbird.com/

Bee Falcon, Intuitive Energy Healer, Freelance Writer
I had a session with Bear, and I am still blown away by the powerful way he sensed what lay beneath the surface of areas that I have attempted to address on my own for too long. I have worked as an intuitive energy healing practitioner for years, and I have to really sense integrity with those I go to for guidance. Bear has that integrity, along with a shamanic, no-nonsense medicine. This is probably the most well-rounded session I have received in some time. I have also received guidance indirectly from Rainbow, who is also highly tuned in to what’s happening energetically. Both Bear and Rainbow are generous with their wisdom, knowledge, and time. I highly recommend a session with either of them. Blessings, Bee; DesertWindMagic.com

Janice Utterback, Mayan Calendar Teacher
In the guise of a bear, Standing Bear Thunder Heart was able to clear
a lot of debris from my chakras. I have found that my intuition,
clarity, focus, and general well-being has benefit from the session.
I am now empowered and sweet but ruthless, as opposed to sweet and
easily manipulated and used. I have clearer recollection of dreams. I
am immediately, able to discern the assholes from those who are not.
I also discern who will dump or use me. I have no fear in stating my
limitations on how much bullshit I will tolerate from others. Time
and time again he surprises me because he really does care, versus the
people who use me for their own agenda. The love and light and peace
in my life has multiplied and I am more confident in listening to my
own self and source without all the second guessing and doubts. He is
also a great massage giver.

Angela Bernadette Spacey, Time Healer
Rainbow Heart Freedom Eagle is a facilitator of the new millennium
for women & everyone else that comes in contact with her. She is a
multi-cultural, eclectic, personal, professional healer & leader in
order to empower people to the next level of healing & living in the
right consciousness within the universe. I would suggest that if you
fly with the Rainbow, you will be free, like she did with me, when I
decided to go with her.

Mary Elizabeth Kennedy, Vegetarian Chef
Standing Bear gave me some very helpful words
1. Boundaries with other people, including my relatives
2. Learning to be genuinely sweet & ruthless, versus fake nice & cruel
3. Do it, or do not, versus trying to do something
4. Clarity is power. Being clear on what “I” want.
5. Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, & angel Gabriel as my guides
6. I am also very grateful for the prayers he said for me regarding
some evil spiritual entities that have been plagueing me for almost
10 years now. I will know within a month to a few weeks whether or
not they have been completely routed by Standing Bear’s prayers.
7. Finally, with regard to the abdominal tumor, I am very grateful
for Standing Bear’s prayer. I think that possibly this tumor might
have been tormented by these evil entities. I hope that today’s
prayer session with Standing Bear, who say that he understands such
things can help break up this tumor, which I believe may have been
caused by a curse. It is very comforting to talk to someone who
knows about the realm of evil power. I pray to God also that he is
protected and allowed to continue as a practioner of spiritual
healing. Even though your path is not easy, you must never quit!
Sincerely Yours,
Mary Elizabeth Kennedy

Lisa Allen, Astrologer
I met Standing Bear in January of 2003 at a metaphysical event in the
San Diego area and felt an instant spiritual connection to him. In
March 2003, he did a shamanic reiki healing treatment for me.
Introducing the appropriate animal archetypes in my chakras, as well
as using elements, i.e. fire to “burn out” what needed to go, and
water to “quash the flames and cleanse”, these events led to the
removing the astral parasites – very intense indeed! What I notice
the most after the treatment is that I was much more “centered” in
who I was, and this centering has guided me toward the best path
toward all levels of healing of myself, and therefore, others. It is
important for people in this profession to have good boundaries, and
I have worked with many healers over the last seven years, and
Standing Bear definitely stands out as an excellent facilitator!
In fact, in May, 2004, I made arrangements with Standing Bear to do a
long-distance healing for my mother, whom has struggled her entire
life with being afraid to really “live” her life and, because of
these self-esteem issues, had been involved in unhealthy
relationships her whole life – the last of which lasted 30 years, and
to add to the mix, she has tremendous judgmental and resentment
issues. Since she was recently divorced by her choice, I felt that
she could use some reinforcement of her commitment to herself in
facing the fears that have not let her live fully. With her permission,
Standing Bear did this healing work while my mother was
asleep by going into deep meditation. I was so surprised in how far
Standing Bear has come on his own path as a healing facilitator since
he had worked with me – and managed to permanently remove not only my mother’s
resident astral parasites, but indeed MANY of these
parasites from the astral realm! I am sure there are others out there
who are experiencing spontaneous healing due to his efforts that
evening! My mother reports to me that, although she is far from being
where she wishes, she has come closer and closer to facing these
fears, and has also experienced a release of her ex-husband,
something she didn’t think was even possible.
Now that I am in Montana, I hope that Standing Bear can one day bring his
amazing healing talents up here – in person! Thanks so much from both of us for
everything, and I mean EVERYTHING – and Montana can hardly wait for you to arrive!
Please be swift! :-)
Lisa Allen, Eclipse Astrology, http://www.eclipseastrology.net

Khrista Atencio, Athlete, Gardener
This is my testimony for my pressure points [experience] that Bear did [to me]. I use to cough every time I ran, [and] after the pressure point [experience in which Bear applied using his Cleansing-Healing Coughing Technique on me], I haven’t cough anymore after my run. I was suffering with pain on my knee, after my pressure point [experience in which Bear applied] on my knee, [I have] no more pain [on my knee] and I could run much better so I would recommend every one to try it out, it really works.  Thank you!

Mary J. Andrews, Instructional Assistant
A few weeks ago, I became sniffley and developed an annoying cough.  Initially I thought I had fall allergies.  My congestion seemed to be resolving but the cough remained.  Nothing provided relief.  Bear offered his assistance to try and alleviate my cough.  Had had me sit in front of an open window.  While I sat facing the window, he applied finger pressure to my right palm.  While applying pressure to my palm, had had me take cleansing breaths and cough towards the open window.  As the pressure increased, had had me cough more forcefully.  During this process, my chest began to feel “lighter” and the urge to cough was greatly reduced.  Within two to three days, my cough was 99% gone; I felt much better.  I would definitely recommend this technique which seems to combined reflexology and positive healing energy.

Rose Apodaca, State Employee
Hi Bear, Rose here, I want to thank you so much for the healing massage you did last
Saturday [2-13-2016]. I am feeling so much better. Thank you again.

Jean Holley, High School Counselor
I went to see Bear partly just to get the experience, partly to deal with a lot of emotional stress due to family issues and work issues. Bear was able to perceive and give some insight into these problems and most importantly provide some relief. After about 30 minutes of energy work with Bear I felt more peaceful, grounded, and much lighter. Over the next couple of days some new insights came up for me which helped me to see things more clearly. Thank you, Bear…you have made a real difference for me!

Carrie A. Garcia, High School Registrar
My brother had past away about  15 years ago. I carried this guilt around because when he died, I was away for the weekend at a wedding and when we came back we found him on the floor. He passed away of a brain aneurysm. I always carried that guilt.  When Bear did his coughing technique on me.  I felt like a little weird but as he continued, my heart felt light again. The guilt of my brother’s death just lifted and I felt calm and finally had peace in my heart again. Thank you Bear for lifting that heaviness in my heart.

Gary Davis, Business owner & Landscaper
None of the other many shamans and healers that I’ve went to could
ever give me what you both just did for me. It’s about shining the
light, then, I can deal with what I need to deal with more
accordingly. My daughter came home to me one day and was just so
bubbly when she introduced you guys to me, and what she had just
experienced as a healing demonstration. I like your personality–openness & trustworthy, well explained, it worked instantly.

Karel Ann Coffey, College Graduate, Daughter of Comanche Tribal
I am very pleased with my experience. I feel that my spirit has been
uplifted and all negativity, physical / mental / spiritual /
emotional, has been cleansed. I had bunch of implants and stuff
that didn’t need to be there in my body. I knew it was there from a
lady who did black magic on me from a long time ago. It was time for
me to release these negative attachments. I was raised around these
things of people abusing powers. I frequently go to doctors, and
these doctors can’t even tell me the deep-rooted advice for my
physical pains that Standing Bear and Rainbow Heart gave me. I am
remembering my own power and the things I was able to do again from
when I was twelve years old. I would highly recommend your services
to others in the future. I feel enlightened from this experience and
have fully enjoyed all services rendered. I’m detoxing and
experiencing allergies as a result. I’m also motivated to clean, my
house, my career, my life, just motivated to clean.

Yvonne Piper, Lifeguard
I liked how comfortable I felt with Standing Bear and Rainbow Heart,
and how it was a learning experience for all of us. I had already
experienced an exorcism before, so I was comfortable releasing
certain parasites and attachments. I knew there were things and
blockages in my heart chakra that needed to go. After Standing Bear
took them out, I felt another weird sensation arise. I felt my inner
child being set free from a cage after he shattered it. My hands
were icy-hot. After this shattering and balancing energy work, I
felt the temperature in my body flow from initial extreme
temperatures of hot and cold, to natural, comfortable, even flow all
around. I felt myself sliding very fast through a tube during this
hypnosis to discover and heal my past. I am pursuing to be a
paramedic and want to also want to do healing work for other people.

Mariel Davis, Lifeguard
I liked the sensations that ran through my body and the way I felt
afterward. I feel more calm, less stressful. I had a pain, the
feeling of a sharp object stuck in me, for a long time until you did
your work on me. Right after you took out the sharp pain in my back,
I saw a red mark where it was when I got home and looked in the
mirror. It’s so cool how everything really is connected. I am more
interested in studying alternative medicine now, in addition to
physical therapy.

Julie Braden, Human Resources Technician
The first time I met Standing Bear Thunder Heart, I was sunburnt from
a daytime event I attended and I was quite uncomfortable. When I
mentioned what I was going through, he offered to use Reiki to ease
my condition. I agreed and within moments, I felt a sphere of
cooling energy all around my body and no longer felt the effects from
my sunburn. I was so amazed! Outside of myself, I myself, also use
the angels to facilitate healing.
Thank you, Standing Bear Thunder Heart, for helping me.

Henry Chavez, Librarian
I enjoyed the feeling of relief and how much stress was removed. I
felt very calm and almost fell asleep. I was groggy and unclear
before we started. I felt more clear, alert, and relaxed afterward.
I enjoyed the experience. I’m keeping the handouts, (Affirmations
and Traits of Victim-Consciousness). It is a very wonderful
experience. I’m looking forward to a next session! I’m not in a
hurry anymore to contact past relations that are imbalanced in
sharing their part in not making the effort of our relationship.

Eric Ross, Volunteer for New Orleans Aid Relief
I had arm aches from pouring soup, cutting vegetables, serving, and
cooking all day in New Orleans. I also had a shoulder injury for
decades. She worked on both, and I could feel my arm pain get better
and better within minutes. I really enjoyed the experience and
Rainbow made me laugh, too. She told me why certain other areas of
my body were blocked and hurting, therefore, I will heed her advice
of speaking up despite other adults’ fears, and just plain not caring
so much of what others think to the point that it inhibits my health.
I enjoyed the gentle voice and the strength of her devotion and how
well she explained what she was doing during the therapy. I clearly
saw that she had a very nice aura. All good.

Marcia Ghera, Mother & Wife
The doctors aren’t as sensitive as you are to female issues. They
invalidate them saying there is nothing wrong, hinting there is
something wrong with my head. You tell me the deeper meaning to the
cause and cure I need to take to alleviate my symptoms. I got more
confirmation from you that the doctors don’t always look at the
broader perspective because they’re so busy prescribing medicines.
It was very nice working with you. I will definitely refer Rainbow
to my friends.

Ashley Hannan, Environmental Activist
I fell asleep because I was so relaxed when Rainbow did the
long-distance healing. Before I fell asleep, I heard her voice
telling me, “Come on, come on, you can do it!” She extracted certain
parasites from me that I acquired from the time I stayed in Tibet.
The queen parasite was a lot of work, but she finished it off by the
end of the session. Rainbow encouraged me that I can just as
effectively do healing work on myself. And not only am I taking her
advice, I am adamantly doing the healing work that I need on myself
because I know I can. You’re a powerful healer because it’s your
path. It’s in your bones.

Roxanne Rojas, Mother & Spiritual Seeker
I was drawn to Rainbow because of a dream I had the prior night we
met. I really enjoy conversing with her because she really
understands me no matter how far out there our conversations get, and we laugh a lot! Ever since her services I am more inspired to pursue my ambitions of shamanic work. I am currently enrolled in a
spiritual school. Especially since she reminded me of who I really
am, I am finding my own inner power, like my mother who is an
extremely powerful faith healer. Rainbow has tough love because she
doesn’t always tell me everything because she knows that I have to
figure things out for myself, the harder or longer way. My daughter
loves Rainbow, too.

Taylor Sundhlin, Traveler
I liked everything, the service of help, service of making one be
aware that truth, the force, healing is experience. We met for a
reason. If anyone would appreciate this knowledge and experience it
would be you.

Devin Green, Web Editor
The readings you told me were dead on. That’s exactly what I went
through, and what I’m moving through. I like the effects of both
your energy work and also hearing what you are saying and doing. I
am going through a lot of shifting. So much of this emotional
baggage, the past pain, I can feel it ready to go.

Nina Brown, Co-Founder of Life Harmonies Institute
I love the name “Eclectic Healing and Beyond”. Your shamanic work
sounds like something my students would definitely enjoy and benefit
from. I liked the exercise of putting all negative thoughts in one
spot and having it removed. Bear’s smile is beautiful.

Lisajeanne Potyk Thunder Eagle Woman, Acupuncturist-Energy Healer
The attunement was excellent. It helped me to see clearer visually.
My patients are getting better treatments as well, also my life is
changing. Many of my own patients can even see my animal totems
doing healing work on them when I put the acupuncture needles in my
clients. My last client saw the eagle hover over her. They tell me
they experience a faster and more powerful healing session especially
after my initation to Shamanic Reiki. Clearing up the debris, thank

Schia Muterperl, Psycotherapist Family Counseling
I liked the blending of male and female energy and the stretching. I
am a counselor myself, and I liked their compassionate ear, and
advice of tough love. I also got reminded to be detached when it
comes to your own issues and relationships. All seems fine.

Russ Preister, Massage Therapist
“[Bear], I like your energy. I feel very relaxed, more expanded.
My breathing improved. My pain has decreased in between my shoulder
blades. Keep learning and growing in your healing.”

John Felch, Traveler
I felt a release of energy at the end—final relaxation. I felt the
the great light as he did healing work on me. I felt really connected
to the higher good and light, plus I was relaxed that I nearly fell
asleep. It was good. Thank you Bear for your good work, and keep up
doing your work.

Theodore H. Emery, Recreational Program Youth Leader
I liked all of it. What an effective form of healing. Thank you for
your dedication and belief in your practice. It makes all the
difference. All my love to your future, as a healer.

Richard Jacob, Conspiracy Theorist
I liked the implant removal, opening of chakras and alignment, and
the clearings of my lungs, and the healing energy. I had never
experience anything like this before. The healing overall was a
different experience, but it was great.

Rasta Harry, Accountant
I almost fell asleep because it was so relaxing. Rainbow is very in
tune. I felt looser during my training the next day. The session
was definitely positive.

Nicole Jones, Spiritual Seeker
I had multiple healing sessions with Rainbow, and I was very pleased with my experience. My body underwent tremendous healing in such a small period of time. I had entities removed, my chakras were opened and aligned, and I received healing energy. Rainbow’s method of healing was truly powerful and effective for my spiritual growth. Thank you, Rainbow, for helping me on my journey. All the best to you.

Kyle Wright, Mixed Martial Arts Pro Fighter, Video Producer
The pressure points alleviated long standing pain and by the end of the session I felt much lighter and more mobile. At this stage, I feel like the work done had surpassed any previous work I’ve had [previously].

Yolanda Martinez, Retiree
Timeliness, offerings, other, customer service, quality excellent services.

Diana Halsey, Educator, Doula, Potterer
Bear and Rainbow have helped in so many ways.
My daughter Amber has been attacked in her dreams numerous times. We are Native American and our ancestor, a negative spirit shaman taunted my daughter from birth to 3 years old. Bear got rid of that shaman [spirit], then another ancestor [spirit] of ours who took the place of the shaman that was already gone, began taunting my daughter was a shape shifter. The “mean bear” my daughter called him. I also found out was taunting my daughter of at the same time the other shaman was, they were working together. Bear helped to get rid of the “mean bear” also. Bear and Rainbow helped to introduce me to my guides. I appreciate all they did and continue to do to help everyone.
Bear was teaching me how to improve my skills to protect my family. And we were working on improving my daughter’s skill to protect herself.
My daughter and I are growing and working with Bear and Rainbow on improving not only our holistic healing but also improving our financial empowerment. Thanks God we found Bear and Rainbow, without them we would not have known hot to protect ourselves. No healers around these parts in our area are as advanced as the two of them. And Bear gets rid of negative entities quick. Even though my daughter and I are being attacked almost daily, I am glad my daughter and I are learning who we are and with Bear and Rainbow’s help we will learn not to let ourselves be vulnerable.

Angela Elmendorf, Tarot Reader
“Hi there. It was incredibly relaxing, I could feel the unwanted and stuck energies clearing away along with tension and unhelpful patterns. It was replaced with relaxation and feeling lighter and more present in my body. Thank you so much for everything! I feel lighter and like layers are released. You have some powerful shaman energy going on! I hope it’s o.k. I shared Rainbows great photo and a positive shout out to you guys with your website link on Facebook! Happy to know you two! I appreciate the good work you are doing! Much love.”

Debra Sauer, Heart Path Aura Imaging Consultant
“Rainbow has great energy!”

Barbie Robertson, Actress
“I had a really great performance the night after our session together. I felt much more relaxed and able to reach my emotional treasure boxes, so to speak. I am still focusing on moving my own energy into that part of my body that was cut off and which you healed up, Bear. Thanks for following up with me.”

Lilliana Martinez, College Student and Nurse
Dear Bear,
Thank you for helping my 7 year-old daughter and I experience healing at the Amor Norteno Self-Care Day. I felt as though I was melting into the massage table as you worked on me. I also felt as though a big weight was lifted off of my head, neck, shoulders and back. I felt as though something had been sucking the life out of me. My daughter and I both experienced a release of (etheric/astral) parasites. This was evident in the immediate change in my daughter’s posture while she was on the massage table. Her breathing was initially very rapid and deep, soon it began to slow and become softer, as she rested at ease. The dietary advice that you shared with us has given us an increased awareness of the food we are eating.