Short Stories of Psychic Protection with Bear & Rainbow Kindle Edition, 1st of the series. Rate & give feedback so others who need it can find it. Buy & or share our book if you’re interested/ or someone you know is: Available preorder Feb 28, released Friday the 13th, March 13 2020. Thanks!

“It is a page turner and the stories give you a look into a world that many don’t know a lot about but realize they have felt similar strange experiences and don’t have a clue how to get ride of the bad feelings. The couple give you tools to help protect yourself from these Psychic attacks. I especially liked the way the stories were introduced by the authors. The stories are really mind blowing. When I came to the end I said oh no I want more information from this amazing couple. Thank you for sharing your amazing wisdom.”
Kathleen Stevenson
, Retired 5 Star

“I’ve been working with developing my own strengths for about two years now. Previously, I passively connected to the Earth and fondly remember the first time I heard it communicating to me.

I took my first series of shaman classes about two years ago and let myself begin to grow spiritually.

I got my reiki II from Bear and have been learning and growing since. This book helped me to feel less alone and validated. I also tried the angelic strings thing and immediately got feedback about a “man child” I had dismissed from my life who has been lazily sucking on my energy field and putting holes in my aura since I met him. I’ve been feeling my energy being drained and some kind of forced connection, but I didn’t know where it was coming from. I immediately started feeling better. Later, I started to see who it was! It’s still getting cleared! Lol Bear and Rainbow are super smart!” Kindle Customer 5 Star


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