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Bear and Rainbow facilitate events such as holistic healing, meditation, metaphysical topics, demonstrations, guest speakers, masterminds or study groups.

–All Reiki Circle potlucks are $15, RSVP required, spots limited; 1st Saturday of the month.
–Reiki certifications, workshops/ intensives, private shamanic or Reiki sessions: prices vary, & are by appointment only.

“Subscribe for scheduled event.” (7-5-2022)

Most  private sessions, classes, gatherings / events currently “under construction, to be announced, as of 3/31/22”. 

Call to confirm locations for each event / session.

To book a private session, go to  Subscribe via email & mobile app at  For access to our psychic protection, personal development, communities, and business trainings, join our when it launches, to be announced.

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***Note: Schedules are subject to change.

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