Saint Expedite

Saint Expedite delivers when you are in dire need of help in an urgent manner.  Do you need to pay the rent? Do you need to expedite any prayers, goals, manifestations, or petitions?  This type of petition is not for long term big goals or projects. This is to quicken the attainment of certain needs you need met.  Caution, St. Expedite is also trickster energy, so be careful with him. He is a Roman soldier, sentry crushing “procrastination,” hence the “cras” under his foot.  “Hodie” is Latin for “Today!” He does things today, and does not procrastinate.  

What he wants in payment or return for your petitions is pound cake and a public recommendation for his services.  You can also give him water and yellow and red flowers because yellow and red are his colors. When you ask for his help, he usually works alone, so he doesn’t partcularly like you to ask other spirits to work by his side.  He can and will give you results for what you ask for, but it’s up to you to handle the rest.  

His characteristics that you can use to work with him are:  air, Mercury, Hermes, Wednesday, yellow, red, and pound cake.  Use these creatively with and for him to your advantage.

Take responsibility for manifesting the rest yourself to maintain what he delivers.  You can also use candle magic, with the red and yellow candles when petitioning him. You can also have a figurine of him, and or a card/ picture of him.  Include your petition or prayer of what you are asking of him. It helps to put the paper under the lit candle(s). Set up the altar with the candle(s), prayer and water as an offering because you offer water to your guests as hospitality.    

Pay him the flowers, cake, and recommendation after he delivers, or else he may play tricks and take your gifts without delivering your petition(s).  Guess why I’m publicizing this knowledge? Saint Expedite delivers. Create your petitions wisely folks, there is always karma.

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Loving the wrong way?

Can you love someone so much?  Is it wrong to love someone so much?  

Sometimes you love someone so much you want them to be with you in every way of your life but they don’t have the capacity to give back or reciprocate.  Sometimes they are meant to fall out of alignment with you because the reasons or purposes are over and have been served. Sometimes you are meant to reconnect again later, who knows!?

If you are meant to grow together,  if you want to keep them, you better check yourself and stop loving them out of desperation, fear, insecurity, or choking.  When you do this, you are actually being vampiric, parasitic, and causing imbalance in the relationship. This is toxic. If you’re in denial and say well love is love, you better ask yourself if you’re repelling people by being too controlling, or tainting your relationship with jealousy.  

I mean, get real, get out of denial.  When you’re subconsciously trying to hang onto someone with these lower vibrations, they will feel it and grow resentment towards you.  It’s not just about the actions.  

Are your actions trying to hook them?  People can love you and you can be blind to it, or you may even reject them because you subconsciously want to ruin the relationship out of jealousy, or other negative emotions.  

People can love you in healthy balanced ways, or unhealthy imbalanced ways.  

Maybe you’re a taker, and you have a grabby energy.  Maybe someone you love is tired of you not reciprocating and not caring for their genuine well-being.  All you care about is giving only what you want to give, but not really giving them what they need. Maybe you only appear when you need something, but when they’re asking for you to be a friend, you ignore it.  You only appear when you need to dump. When I say dump, yes that means both sharing negative and positive, because you’re doing it out of a grabby, needy energy.

It doesn’t work that way.  

People will only take so much of your neediness.  If you can’t handle people changing, growing up, graduating, learning, just growing period, then you are repelling them with your fears, insecurities, judgment and your attachment is not unconditional freeing love.  It is resentment, jealousy, and choking. This is not love. This is unhealthy.  

If you’re in denial or out of touch with your subconscious programming, it’s a cop out to blame the other person when you in fact are the one sabotaging.  But, ask yourself why?  

Why are you sabotaging?  Do you not feel worthy to have healthy relationships?  Does your programming tell you that you deserve abusive fucked up relationships?  It’s not logical, but get real, get deep. Face yourself in the mirror and ask what responsibility did I have in pushing my loved ones away?  Especially if you’re acting out as any type of actions that emotional vampires do, like the splitter-border personality, of, “I hate you! But, please don’t leave me.”  This is passive-aggressive behavior used that repels your loved ones.  

So, yes, you can “love” someone in an unreasonable way.

People use religion or love to manipulate others to do things for them.  This is not love or righteous. It’s just manipulation. There are different tactics people use to steal your power.  If you feel smothered in a relationship, or jipped, or both, ask yourself if they are stealing your power, or if you are giving it away.  Here are different examples of emotional vampires: victim, controller, criticizer, narcissist, border-splitter. There are infinite more labels or examples, but  you get the jist.  

Enjoy, Rainbow Heart Freedom Eagle.

Click on these links on how to deal with them:  


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Emotional Vampire Part 2: How to Deal with Narcissists?

Emotional Vampire Part 3: How to Deal with Splitter Personality?

Emotional Vampire Part 4: How to Deal with The Criticizer?

Emotional Vampire Part 5: How to Deal with Victims?

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How do Spiritual Emergencies Affect Me?

Spiritual Emergencies with Reiki Masters Bear & Rainbow Part 1



Have you tried to talk to someone but he or she is not himself or herself?  You might think, “Is this depression or some mental or emotional illness? Is she or he drowning in stress?  Is he or she even mentally present, or is she or he an empty shell?”

Someone may not be available to you because he or she could be going through this, and who knows how long it will last!  It finishes when it finishes, on mother nature’s terms, divine time and order.

Can anyone go through a spiritual emergency, or spiritual emerging?  Does it just have to be a newbie to the psychic or supernatural realm?  Can masters in the realm of consciousness and metaphysics who have decades under their belt also go through these?  Is it like chickenpox where once you’ve gone through it, you’re immune from experiencing another one again?  

Anyone can go through it, as it is usually spontaneous and nondiscriminating.  Yes, it usually happens multiple times in one’s lifetime.


What are spiritual emergencies?   

They can be uncomfortable, overhwhelming, and making you feel alone,  or like a weirdo. You wonder, “Is anyone else experiencing this and know what I’m going through without me sounding crazy?”


What are the symptoms?

You may start to see (invisible) things that you can see that no one else can see.  You may hear voices other people don’t hear, and experience ringing in your ears. You may feel these are new problems.  You will start to discriminate who you tell these experiences to. You may start losing friends (due to you growing in ways they may not understand).  You are actually developing your psychic abilities. You may be receiving (spiritual/ energetic) attacks by other people who have more developed (psychic) abilities than you, or other spirits or extraterrestrials attacking you because you’re developing or growing.  They do it because you are on the rise, and it’s also your education, testing you out, your playing grounds.  


That sounds so negative and scary!

Let’s shine light on the positives.

Spiritual emergencies are learning, growing opportunities of expansion, developing  your power, your energy, your intuition and trust when you meditate, sleep, or are in the dream realm, journeying in the astral realm, or just operating in your day to day life when you’re awake.  Use it to your advantage. Tap into whatever you are activating, whether it be clairaudience or psychic hearing, clairvoyance or psychic seeing, clairsentience psychic feeling, psychic tasting, or psychic smelling.  Most people don’t sense these things. Your senses will be heightened so you will, like how dogs smell drugs, or ducks hear a duck whistle but humans don’t. 

It’s not just all that deep, dark, heavy stuff.  You can use these gifts to your advantage.

We’re in a world of duality so we need to know both positive and negative.


Educate yourself on how you develop your psychic abilities.

Slow down your spiritual emergency or stop it, so you can feel more centered and powerful.  You accomplish this by accepting who you truly are or who you’re becoming, almost like how Neo from the Matrix accepted he is “the one.”  He is the chosen one. In reality, we all are the one. Keanu Reeves said this on the Jimmy Fallon show.

Accept who you are, what you are, who you are becoming.  That will be the best bet to develop yourself in a centered and empowered way.  Develop and educate yourself easier when you accept who you are.


What are other things to expect? 

Your energy, your aura, your hands, they can be zapping other people or other electronics.  This is a result of not being grounded. It indicates you are having your powers out of control.  

You may experience possible overwhelm by reading people’s thoughts or emotions.  You may not want to or try to, but it may be blasting you like there is no window or screen filter if you don’t learn how to block them out.  

If you’re interested in learning more on how to tap into, control, and develop your psychic powers or healing abilities from one of both of us, we offer Reiki certifications, attunements, trainings.  Contact

Spiritual Emergencies with Reiki Master Rainbow Part 2

What are the causes & triggers?  Why do spiritual emergencies even happen?

They differ on situations, and from person to person.  

For example, it could be induced by near death experiences, or by accidents.  

Bumping the head or a concussion, could stem out of a desire for an individual on a conscious or subconscious level to want to grow, to spiritually develop oneself, grow psychic abilities to step into his or her life calling, purpose, path, something they are destined to grow into.  

You may even get sick without even being contagious or having a virus.  You’re releasing when you experience extreme common cold sysmptoms in a short time, then feel great after.  Healing crisis is common after healing sessions. Shifts, this is you shifting, detoxing for improvement. 

An analogy is child development.   Let’s say age 2-3 the child has 6 building blocks.  Let’s call these 6 blocks: a, b, c, d, e, f. All the abcdef blocks are all demolished, or bull-dozed.  

Emotional turmoil, physical, emotional all levels, including psychological are affected.  Next, let’s say the child age 4 to 6 would need 20 building blocks to get to the next stage. 

This is an analogy to a child’s learning development.  Get rid of that, the 6 building blocks of abcdef, before laying down the new stone foundation of 20 building blocks. This needs to happen as a prerequisite to enter the next learning or growth level.  

Detoxing, healing crisis, spiritual emergency, can be ugly, painful, uncomfortable, like the dark night of the soul.

(Here is a great article on the definition of the dark night of the soul. )

After you go through this tunnel or episode of discomforts due to the things I mentioned above, you will feel great on all levels.  It’s you bursting out of your cocoon, emerging out. This emergency, is an emerging. You are emerging from shedding your ego, your old ways of viewing the world.  It is a shamanic or figurative death and rebirth.

One of my spiritual emergings was me waking up to another side.

I was emerging from being a sheltered, naive, little girl.  There was a reality of people harming other people. I had to know this.  I had to know how to win amidst these situations. I was emerging from oblivion, to awareness, to wielding my personal power that I never knew existed.

Frodo, the main character from Lord of the Rings, I felt like him.  This acquaintance who is into the dark arts on all levels, from drugs, to  money, to sex, to magic, wanted to kill me. She attempted to twice, as far as I consciously know.  I was scared shitless because I was green at the time. Figure out how to stay in the light, be strong, stay in peace, keep your composure.  Attacks from her self-formed syndicate attacked my loved ones, following, intimidating, threatening, instilling fear, on the phone, in person, following in cars.  I counteracted them by putting myself in safe places and times, and situations. I used the strategy of safety in numbers, faith, love, and light.  

How do you deal with someone that is going through a spiritual emergency?

If you don’t understand what they’re going through it’s easy to be unsupportive or lack compassion.  Listen to them. Maybe they are really seeing things, or seeing other living things from other dimensions.  Some people may say they’re crazy or have schizophrenia. Healing crisis, spiritual emergency, psychic powers developing, these can be signs a person is being initiated.  They need to learn how to deal with their abilities getting out of control and manage it. Listen to them. Help them find the right support.  

How to cope if you are going through a spiritual emergency yourself?

Meditation, exercises, sports, physical movements can help calm you down. Cultivating your energy, learning how to hone, grow, cultivate energy through tai chi, yoga, qigong, and martial arts can help.  

Heal yourself with energy healing modalities.  

Find someone you are comfortable with that can give you advice.  Some people cannot give you advice because they don’t understand,  others understand but won’t give you advice out of insecurity of feeling threatened that others will surpass them.  There are people who do want to help and are secure enough to help you out.  

This shedding of your current reality will feel better after you are done going through it, the light at the end of the tunnel.  You shed a certain installment of old internal programming that no longer serves you, just to expand the new rebuilding or downloads that will solidify in you.  You will feel like you have a foundation to walk on again. You will feel like you’re able to function with your mind, body, and spirit again. Each time you go through a spiritual emerging or awakening, it’s the rainbow after the storm!

If you have more questions, regarding this topic.  Do ask at  It would be beneficial for us to know what’s on you mind so we may create more trainings if it’s a high enough number of the same thing that is being asked of us more popularly.

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Who are the best angels, deities, helpers to use?

What is your goal?

Are you trying to have a baby?  Are you trying to get rid of diabetes, or heal another disease?  Are you trying to get a promotion or a certain job? Are you ready to find your divinely-selected spouse and get married? 

Whatever your goal is in using magic or the help of outside forces to achieve them, who are the right helpers for you?

What if you don’t believe in angels, or God, or you believe in too many gods or spirit helpers?  What if you believe in the evil spirits and the good spirits?  

Which one is the most powerful?

Which ones are the ones that I should use?  Does my bloodline, my race, or ethnicity mattter?

Should I use the ones that I am familiar with just because that is who and what I know, even though it does not match my bloodline or my heritage?  What if my soul resonates with Asian religion or spirituality but my physical body is black? What if I am Asian but my soul resonates with African deities?  What if I am white, but I resonate with extraterrestrial energies?

We have many aspects of ourselves due to this life, and other lives.  What you use to assist you in achieving your goals and prayers doesn’t matter to someone else.  

Some people may say the spirits, the animal spirits, the orishas, the Hindu gods, the angels, the demons, or God/ Goddess do not exisit.

Does this matter in your manifesting your goals?

What matters for you in successfully manifesting your goals?

Some people all of these beings or consciousness are not real, do not exist.  They are merely a creation of your mind.

Whether you believe in them or not, whether other people believe in them or not does not matter as much as this.

You are tapping into the energies, learning how to utilize them and alchemize them into yourself.  You are learning how to orchestrate things in your life. What are you talking about, Rainbow? Ok, so let’s take an example of the Medicine Cards in Native American tradition of the animal totems.  In this particular deck, the moose animal represents self-esteem. Do you need this animal to tap into your self-esteem? No! Does it help? It can if you let it. It’s like training wheels. You can hone self-esteem within yourself in many ways!  You can take public speaking, you can apply makeup, you can get a better car, or get earn higher grades in school, or get a trophy wife. What methods you take to raise your self-esteem will differ from other people. Those strategies I named can sound promising, or sound detrimental to achieving self-esteem.  What really makes a difference is tapping into the energy, not the vehicle or mode. Getting something superficial outside yourself like a trophy wife, or a sexy body, or a sports car, or a title of a doctor does not guarantee your raise your self-esteem. Tapping into the energy itself, living it, breathing it, merging with it, being it, owning it, knowing you deserve it is what will get you to vibrate at high self-esteem.

Does it matter if I use Santerian orishas, or Native American animal totems, or Archangels from Christian mysticism, Hindu gods, the Asian deities, my ancestors, the Greek Goddesses, or the Catholic saints?  

Does it even matter if I believe in them, or if I don’t believe they exist?

It doesn’t matter what I believe, or what others believe.  It doesn’t matter what I tell you.

Manifest your goals, prayers, dreams, desires successfully.  Then, determine how you achieved those goals. Was it internal change, work, or allowing within yourself?  Was it external change, work, or allowing you created in your physical reality?

Why do people use these deities and spirits to help them then?

Aphrodite can help you tap into the energies of beauty and pleasure.

Moose can help you tap into self-esteem.

Archangel Raphael can help you tap into healing.

Lakshmi can help you tap into wealth.

Do you need them?  Can you tap into these things without them?

What are your thoughts?

I see them as archetypes.  

Whether I believe they are real and exist or not doesn’t matter.  

I do believe you are your own divine entity, your own divine creator.  You are already the masterpiece laying underneath the wood that is continuously being wittled and refined to uncover the true masterpiece that you already are.  All these things, all these energies you wish to hone within yourself are already within you. It’s just for you to remember, rediscover, tap into and within yourself as you step into self-mastery.  All the things you seek and desire are already within you.

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The Interview: Who are you being?

Let’s go deeper when it comes to the trite and true adage, “You reap what you sow.”

I’ve seen complaints for this substance addiction recovery center.  Past clients and their families have called out management and said they are just in it for the money and that they truly did not help.  Is that true? We can do research on that. But I am not too concerned with that this moment.  

I am more concerned on the consciousness.  How are you and your organization supposed to heal other people when you yourself have not reached a certain level of understanding yourselves?  Your institution, staff, and employees may theoretically look good on paper, but it has not clicked in your nervous system, on the cellular level, in your DNA, in the energy field that you radiate around your physical body.  Sometimes it’s not even what you know, or your experience, it’s who you know that get you in. Paper, certificates, titles, positions, and number of years put in are great and can earned. At the same time, there is a being that one possesses on how she or he operates in the world.  Who are you being?

What I am talking about creates all the problems in this life, from politics, to social rights, to  illness/ wellness, to community issues, environmental issues, to terrorist threats, suicide rates, ethics, spirituality— everything you name it.  

These clients who need healing from their addictions are just like you and I.

If you treat them like they’re broken they will be broken.  But it goes beyond that. If you look at your employees like they’re broken that’s how they will act around you.  If you perceive your world’s reality from a lens of broken, then you and everything and everyone responds accordingly.  

Most people don’t know how to love themselves, deeply, fully, unconditionally.  This is why you cannot expect them to give it to other people. You cannot expect it from them not because they’re bad people, but because they may not currently have that capacity or ability to. 

I was shut down, badly, and unprofessionally at an interview.  The panel was embarrassed at how this colleague of theirs conducted herself, that the babysitting job they were insisting on pushing on me, they didn’t bother to follow up if I was even interested in that other job.  I was asked what my contributions would be if I got hired here. After I listed my strengths, the lady who could’ve been my future supervisor raised her voice and was almost yelling at me. Energetically she was angry because she didn’t like my answers.  She was angry because I didn’t give empty words, I actually radiated I was congruent with how I felt on my inside with the words that came out of my mouth. I didn’t talk to give people what they wanted to hear. I spoke with the conviction that this is already how I live with life with or without your authority.  She said, “You will never be……..You will never have……..” and went off on her rampage of all the bullet points that I listed as my strengths, then said she shut down the interview without the permission or feedback of the other panel members conducting the interview. Too little, too late, one chimed in, “You don’t have 2 years experience.”  Well, if this was the point, you could’ve led with that, instead of your colleague tantrumming on her tirade of how miserable her job is. I was taken aback. Never in my life have I ever experienced any job interview that was less than graceful, polite, and professional!

I knew it wasn’t about me.  I have and run a business that I love.  Whether it be in my job, my business, my personal life, I already operate in this way that I stated to them even before I walked in their door that would change my life.  I asked God and my guardian angels, “Why did you have me interview there if my would-have-been supervisor hated me?” I heard the answer, “We wanted you to see how far you’ve grown.”  I sighed and laughed.   

This question I asked earlier, “Who are you being?”  That lady who attacked me at the interview was being the very exact opposite thing of what they say they are looking for to hire in an employee: professional, great communicator, leader, teamplayer.  

The answers I gave them came from “more than enough” consciousness.  Here are some of the principles I believe in. Always give more than your fair share because you choose to.  Why not? It will come back to you. View other people as capable, willing to improve, and respectable. When you treat people with respect, they’ll  treat you with respect. When you view people as already succeeded, they will succeed if not now, eventually, just because you added that extra power of your mind of already knowing they are enough, or more than enough even before they themselves realize it.  

If you expect conflicts and problems, that is your reality.  What this lady told me made me feel sad for her. Her world and reality is never going to be how she wants it according to her, and the people who work around her.  So, she was exasperated on how in the world it would be organized, smooth, complete, joyful, thorough, caring, easy, and professional it would be for me. I went to their office 3 times within a week.  

The 3 words that stood out in my mind as multiple staff repeated these same 3 words to me on different days were, “stress, belligerent, chaos.”  The consciousness running through this organization most likely trickles down from the leadership. This is not only their norm, but this is what they glorify.  There are people, heck let’s be honest, societal norms that glorify crisis mode.

 I, on the other hand, have honed myself to the place that I choose to create my reality and feel peace, harmony, love, balance, joy, ease, flow, appreciation, respect, understanding, and “more than enough” to be the vibration, the mindset, the consciousness that I create as my reality as I experience it.  It’s not perfect, but it is doable because it is intended on purpose. My word is law.

When you pull yourself out of the matrix more and more toward mastery, you will step out of victimhood into being a co-creator.  How empowering does that sound? Taking personal responsibility is work, but it’s so much more empowering and liberating than operating from victim consciousness.  Is it time to reclaim your power?

People don’t realize how powerful they are.  Step out of victimhood. You are not a victim to your reality as long as you realize that.  Their words, their thoughts, create their feelings, which create their reality, or how they experience life.  What vibrations are you using to guide you on your co-creating of your life experiences?

Rainbow Heart Freedom Eagle    

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Psychic Attack During Sacred Times?


Bear And Rainbow speak about people getting psychic attacks during their or other sacred times, and what you can do to get passed it.

We are fundraising to get our psychic protection workbook published for you & the world. If we have impacted your life in any way & your heart calls you to, donate for this Project & beyond… Donate here:…


Donated money will go to Bear And Rainbow, LLC, towards time freedom to allow Bear & Rainbow to spend time creating, promoting, and distributing these personal development products. It will also go towards recording studio time, rental, experts, copyrights, trademarks, patents, enlisting multiple experts in creating, manufacturing, publishing the audios, workbooks, videos, equipment fees, basic office supplies such as ink, paper, internet, printer. Bear & Rainbow have several projects which are all personal development training with shamanic healing spin to all of them. Bear & Rainbow currently offer in person workshops and or sessions. The money for this wish list is to create independent, home-study courses in video, audio, digital print, and physical print formats. They all need to be revised, finalized, and published. The heart of these programs all revolve around their signature system, Attract Loving Relationships: Heal & Prevent Psychic Attack for emerging healers who are struggling with bullying and black magic so they can feel peace and control over their relationships & their psychic abilities.

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