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What Are The Benefits of Reiki Circle?

Could Reiki circle be for you?

What is a Reiki circle?

It is a hands or non-hands on energy healing gathering.

Other names for it can be: Reiki share, Reiki healing circle, Reiki circle.

Reiki circle is not an individual performing Reiki alone.  It’s usually 3 people or more giving and or receiving healing together, simultaneously.

Who is it for?

This can be for people who want to receive physical, spiritual, mental, emotional healing on all levels.  It is for people who want to receive healing to achieve and or maintain optimal wellness and vitality.  It is for people who want to receive healing to heal diseases, acute, chronic, and everything in between.  It’s even for people who want to learn how to handle life, situations, themselves, and relationships better.

It is for people who just want to destress and feel more peace, joy, love and connection to themselves, to divinity, to others by giving and or receiving Reiki.

It is for people who want to give back by performing energy healing to others, whether it be for fun, for business, or just the love of it!  It is for people who want to practice their craft of Reiki and get better at manipulating the energies.  It is for people who want to share their success stories and or transformation in healing, empowerment, and lifestyle because of Reiki.  It can be for anyone who wishes to give and receive Reiki.    

What are the benefits of Reiki circle?

Benefits of participating in Reiki circle include friendship, connection, support, empowerment, healing, learning, growing from one another, sharing stories, challenges revealed and healed, successes, understandings, epiphanies, networking, mobilizing leaders and community for the upward evolution, normalization, of natural energy healing in society, community, worldwide, globally, intergalatically, interdimensionally.  Do you need more reasons?

What are consequences of not participating in Reiki circle?

One may not learn about  how energy and the body works to heal itself.  One may not learn about concepts such as detoxification, healing crisis, and pre-session jitters or pre-session self-sabotage.  There are people who don’t know these concepts and have fear and blame around these circumstances due to lack of understanding.

What could be cons of partaking in a Reiki circle?

Some people may not like each other.

Some people may be energy vampires.

Some people may be judgmental.

Some people may not understand technique or philosophy of love/ Reiki.

Some people may have social anxiety.

Some people may be angry, or other unpleasing emotion or state and repel others.

Some people may not know that they need to clear themselves after healing others and could take on heavier energies from others, causing themselves discomfort or even sickness, the opposite of the purpose of participating in a Reiki circle.

All these examples happen anyway, whether people are aware of it or not daily, outside of Reiki circle.

How do I participate in a Reiki circle?

Other people just show up whether it be with a friend, referral, or hearing about it somehow.  Currently, at our in person Reiki circles, we have people RSVP at a certain limited seating so we can all have a more pleasurable experience, rather than taking hours if there’s such a large number of people waiting in line to jump on the table.  Every Reiki circle facilitator has their own expectations or lack of, and different levels of expertise or awareness.  Seek those who you feel comfortable with, and eventually find those you resonate with.  Good luck and happy Reiki-ing!

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Why People Are Afraid of Healing Themselves?

The number one reason people hold themselves back or sabotage themselves from healing,  growing, and succeeding  is fear.

People can be afraid to progress and heal themselves for many reasons.  People can fear success.  People can also fear failure.  As silly as it sounds both are valid. It may not seem logical, but both are still valid, regardless.  One may not want to consciously experience failure, but subconsciously he or she set his or her thermostat for failure.  Why?  If one rises, his or her friends and family may reject him or her for outgrowing them, shining, leaving them behind.  Rejection.  People play small to be accepted and loved.  This is limiting and not conducive to one’s optimal health and power.

One may not know what to expect, fear of the unknown.  When one is used to feeling oppressed one’s whole life, the opposite feelings of liberation and empowerment are foreign at first, or for however long the adjustment time is.  Just because a state of consciousness is familiar, it does not make it good for you.  But this is why most people put up with abuse, parasiting, and dead end, low vibration relationships—familiarity.

When one has a dire emergency, like cancer, then and only then does he or she face a turning point, decision making time that is urgent, life or death.  Slithering by in mediocrity is easier than the extremes of living in destruction or optimal capacities.  Mediocrity is easier, but it is more dangerous because this is stagnation that causes indifference.  This is complacency in settling for less.  When one is in more extreme lifestyle of recklessness or responsibility, it is clearly divisive where an individual stands, no wishy washy on the fence shit.  Emergencies are not usually found out living on the fence, in mediocrity.  Middle ground occurences usually sneak on by, undetected, lingering until it’s too late.

People sabotage when they are evolving or rising.  Why?  Many reasons again.  One of the most common reasons is they don’t feel worthy of having so and so conditions, like wellness, success, respect, love, abundance…  Let me repeat that.  Catherine Ponder says they “don’t feel worthy,” that’s why they allow bad conditions for themselves to remain.  How do they sabotage, directly or indirectly?  Many reasons for this one, too, again.  

When I, Rainbow, was in a seminar, I met someone who had to find me again in the crowds to share a story with me.  Before lunch we did not know what to expect as we reconvened with our trainer.  That someone I met found me after lunch.  He said his arm hurt and he didn’t know why.  He had to share this synchronicity with me because our previous conversation was regarding how the body doesn’t lie.  Consciously, he wasn’t aware we were going to break boards with our karate chops after lunch.  Subconsciously, his body already knew because his arm that he used to break the boards hurt an hour before this activity.  After the activity was through, the pain in his arm left.  That was a form of nervousness, tension, or anxiety that the body channeled in physical form as pain in the arm that was to perform the deed.  He was so blown away with the synchronicity of our conversation and how the Universe let him experience that pain coming and leaving at the most significant times!  Call it sabotage, an inner knowing, whatever you want.  The body doesn’t lie.

When we really want something on the otherside of the breakingthrough, it is uncomfortable. The body doesn’t lie.  People usually feel anxiety, discomfort, fear, doubt, worry when they are upleveling themselves.  This can be for a healing session, a class they will receive, a class they will teach, delving into something new, period.  It has to do with expansion.  Just because something is beneficial for you doesn’t mean it’s all comfortable and peaceful.  When you really want something and are invested in obtaining it, whether it be wellness, conquering any problems, reaching new goals, if you don’t want it, you won’t be nervous or bothered.  If it’s something you really desire to achieve, it makes you nervous.  That’s how you know what you really want on the other side of the breakthrough is worth it.  It makes you uncomfortable.  Stepping out of your comfort zone is uncomfortable yet rewarding when you know how to work it and receive it.

When it comes to healing, people have the misconception it’s all puppy dogs and rainbows.  No, if you liken it to the analogy of the snake shedding it’s skin, it’s not pretty at all in the beginning phases.  The end is where the skin looks new, shiney, smooth, and rejuvenated.  

During the beginning and the middle of the healing/ upgrading process it can be ugly and uncomfortable.  So, the discomforts of healing/ growing/ expanding/ upleveling can be both BEFORE and or AFTER a healing session.  This is normal and to be expected.  

After a healing session a “healing crisis” is what you call when the body goes through discomfort like a non-contagious cold/ sickness, release, withdrawal like symptoms when the physical body is catching up to the energy that was moved.  “Healing crisis” can also be expected after attunements, or any uploads/ downloads/ upgrades in one’s multiple bodies, physical, energetic, etc…  It is the body assimiliating to the new homeostasis and the upgrades.    

Before a big transformation people can experience bad things.  What do I mean?  They can sabotage themselves from receiving a promotion or raise.  They can make themselves sick right before teaching a crowd on stage.  They can create misfortunes or accidents so they don’t have to show up to a life changing event, whether it be a wedding, a healing session, a class, you name it!  Yes, people do this to themselves because change is uncomfortable and the illogical ego mind wants to keep the status quo by all means as a means to protect itself.  It is operating from fear.  

How do you deal with this?  

Accept it.  

Acknowledge it.  

Tell the fear and yourself you are going to go ahead anyway and just do your best to succeed.  It doesn’t have to be achieved in one shot.  It can be a gradual process, like a baby learning to walk.

Here’s a break down of the pros and cons of upleveling or healing oneself.  Go ahead and create your own lists to encourage yourself through your expansion, upleveling processes.  Feel free to share your success stories and lessons learned with me.  







New experiences

New territories 

New friends

New philosophies


Challenging oneself







Inner peace

Self understanding

Self discovery 

Self love

Self worth

Self respect 


Fresh ideas





Supportive self beliefs





Losing old familiar habits




Losing old friends

Losing old way of thinking

Losing old lifestyle


Fear of rejection

Fear of the unknown

Self reflection:  facing one’s fears, flaws, shadows, hurts, inner child wounds, pains, weaknesses, traumas, darkness, “negative” emotions such as fear, anger, shame, guilt.

Taking responsibility for what one creates, attracts, puts out, is being, is becoming, who one is, good, bad, ugly, all of it.



Need to be right

Need to limit, label, judge.

Discomfort in self reflection 

Comfort zone can be limiting


Getting comfortable with change, growth, discomfort.

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Pedophilia & Transhumanist Agenda

Pedophilia & Transhumanist Agenda


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Difficult Communications

Do you wish it was always easy dealing with people, communicating easily on all levels?

Most times people don’t know how to communicate effectively because we were not taught how as a society, or as an Adamic human race.  People have different values.  People have different judgments.  People have different personal experiences.  We all have different personalities and communications styles or preferences.  Sometimes generational gaps can dictate this.  We all have different meanings to everything that shape who and what we are or have become, or are becoming.  We are unlimited but our communications show otherwise.  I have other content whether it be video or article form that relates to this topic.  You can view them here. 

How does one create more ease in communications?

Let’s look at the psychology, the why, of why communications can be so difficult.

One, people feel entitled to criticize and make sure they are thorough in their criticisms, even when it is unsolicited.  People feel they are the experts on whatever they are criticizing, when come to see, they have nothing to show for.  These people have a lot of time on their hands to tear others down.  They do not focus on building for themselves or the world.  Hypocritically, they do not even practice what they preach.  They do not have any skin in the game so they feel free and entitled to tear someone else up.

Granted, no one is perfect.  Let’s go into different habits of difficult communications and where they can stem from.

Have you ever experienced people that no matter what you say, they always have to say the opposite of what you remark without taking a breath?  These are the oppositional people.  Even if it clearly doesn’t make sense and they see they are wrong, it is always the same response, oppositional.

I had someone tell me, “We are not outside,” when we were clearly standing in the line of snow as the snow descended on us.  This is the web that she was caught in so deep that she needed to be right even when it was false and obvious to her. 

It can feel very draining talking to people who like to oppose, argue, criticize, even when they don’t believe what they are saying themselves.  Yes, they go against what they say themselves just out of the habit to oppose.  They are merely operating out of programming.  It’s not out of they really believe what they themselves say.  It’s more out of they just have to argue because they are running on a program, a biological software ingrained so deeply that every repetition embeds more deeply in the grooves of their brain.

Where did they learn this?  They were trained, indoctrinated. 

“Yeah But’s”
One of my students would not take anything you told him.  He was always spacey, never in class, just day dreaming.  Upon encouragement to get back on track from myself and others, he always had a retort, “Yeah, but.”  No matter what anyone told him, his response was always preluded by a, “Yeah, but, this, yeah but that.”   When I met his father just shortly after that, I actually worked with his father.  Oh my God.  I realized, the son, my student, modeled this from his father!  So, maybe reverse psychology would work with these type of people, but only for a while.

The main root is for people to get clear on why they say what they say.  Is it really them?  Or are they on a program, perhaps a hive mind that reacts all the same way, that is draining, ineffective, leading to de-volution, devolving, the devil?  Yeah, I said it.  Not many people go there, but I do.  This is why people are in disbelief how fast things change with me, and other people influenced by others like me.

With these type of people, it doesn’t matter that they go against their own word, their own stance or opinions.  They just react immediately out of the need to be right, even when they realize it’s not right.  It is a default programming their biological system runs on.  Once people become of the software that is running them, then they can work on starting to take control over themselves and not be set and run by a program.

This is another form of the criticizers.  These are merely labels for educational purposes so it is including but limited to what is in this article.  Then there are the people that always put themselves down.  Usually people who are hard on themselves are also hard on others.  No matter how uplifting, encouraging, supportive, and positive you can be with what you say, they will always find a way to poke at everything.  This again, if you’ve been following us for some years or so will refer again to operating out of the lack matrix.

There are people who turn everything into an argument.  This is out of anger which they are not aware of.  The feeling is loss which creates anger.  This again is the lack matrix.  They are always fighting and angry and turn everything into an argument because they feel like the world is against them because they feel they are losing at everything.  This does not have to be tangible.  It is a consciousness that runs through them.  They are angry at the world even if they are unaware of this consciousness played out through them.  Yes, this is also a programming that is played out and can be changed if one allows it.  Sometimes this can stem from one incident of loss, then it blankets all aspects of one’s life, creating loss in all aspects of one’s life because one is looking for it, creating it, self-prophesizing it.  It can be self-perpetuating, but it doesn’t have to be once one takes responsibility to nip it in the buds.

This is another form of the criticizers.

I am allowed to react.  I am allowed to get hurt.  I am allowed to get over it. 

There are people who criticized me for feeling.  I am allowed to get angry and frustrated, or to feel sadness.  Some people told me they unsubscribed because I am not allowed to show my vulnerable sides, that I was a crybaby.  I am human, too. 

The loudest people are not always the most significant.

Usually the supportive people are quiet on the sidelines.  The attackers and criticizers have to exert or dump all their power and energy into debunking us on social media, online, or in person.  They are very sad and miserable people.  They usually don’t have anything going for them, are delusional, and are the Ken’s, Karen’s or Smithotarians.  They get their feeling of importance by tearing other people down instead of actually contributing something to the world. 

See who they are
Who is talking, what do they stand for, if they even stand for anything?  What are they gaining from their stance or attack?  Is it them?  Is it a hive mind?  Is it a program that is being projected?  How do they live?  Do they have anything really to offer?  Muddy communication usually means lack of self esteem.  Is there a point, or are they just bitter?  What is their white noise, their shadow contract, what matrix or consciousness are they vibrating on at that moment, or usually?

Get clear with yourself.
Get strong with your self worth, love and respect.
Open your heart forgiveness, compassion, patience, understanding, but with balanced boundaries.

So I’ve gone over some few examples of difficult communications listed here, of course there is always more.



Yeah but’s




Programming.  Nothing logical, nothing compassionate, just mere reacting run by programming.  No self control, or self awareness.  Just programming.  No listening, no compassion, no seeing from other person’s side.  Just judgment, just flaws, just one-sidedness.  This can sound like a bot operating from the hive mind.  This can sound like a soul-less being.

Know that you can control yourself.  Once you know the game, list and create ways to make communications easier on yourself and others in advance.  You can cater to their preferences by understanding how they operate and why.  You don’t have to bend over backwards and compromise yourself, but at least you can have tools to at least meet them on their playing field.  We all have to get what we need in life interacting with others.  You might as well empower yourself to make it more efficient, effective, and possibly even more joyful!  Let me know your experiences on what worked and didn’t work for you.  I’d love to hear them.

~Rainbow Heart Freedom Eagle

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Business Owners Fed Up and Dancing Doctors


The Mainstream Media, The Deep State, the corrupt politicians, The Central Bank, and other fraudulent doctors have been telling people that the C-19 pandemic is really bad, and that hospitals are full.

Yet, if C-19 is so bad, then why are we seeing doctors and nurses in the United States and around the world dancing in the hallways like they are in a musical? Business owners have had enough and are starting to make a stand against the C-19 Draconian lockdowns, in order to take their lives back and this country of America back.



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