Ant Hills and Human Civilizations

Hello folks.

This is Bear here and just the other day when I was outside getting ready to go out, I observed something very interesting. I saw two ant hills about two feet from one another, and the ant hills were different from one another.

One ant hill had small black ants, and the other had big red ants. Yes, they were near each other, and even more interesting the two different races of ants passed by one another and didn’t even engage one another.

They didn’t fight one another nor did they invade another ant hill. They were simply content in working and minding their own business. Now, if the two races of ants can work and co-exist peacefully rather than fight each other like we all assume they usually do, then why can’t WE, the humans work and co-exist with one another peacefully minding our own business. Just an observation and a question? Take care and many blessings.

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