Autism with Diane B. and Bear

Bear discusses the topic of Autism among children, and adults alike, and he explains how the system treats them as well as the politics involve in it. The Medical and the Schools systems according to Bear had been corrupted for quite sometime on how they make money off of not truly healing people with autism, or other handicapped people as their “cash cow” clients. Bear explains the story of when Rainbow Heart Freedom Eagle, aka Rainbow once worked at a school district also worked with school children with autism, but one teenage kid with autism kept attacking Rainbow, and how Rainbow fought back by challenging the “experts” letting them know that the boy was dangerous and he needed reexamination, but the “experts” and authority figures from the teachers, to the principal blamed Rainbow rather than take responsibility for their own shortcomings and shortcoming of their environment of corruption around them. Bear also explained how Rainbow overcame to obstacles thrown to her by the school authorities that she was able to move out of the harmful situation and kept her job longer at that time. Bear hours later interviewed a former medical nurse and alternative healing practitioner Diane B. regarding her experience in having children with autism going to the clinic in which she once worked with and Diane has suggestions on how to better treat people with autism with other means of healing, through other healing modalities working together, instead of going against one another. Diane B. and Bear also discuss the corruption of the Medical and the School institutions and what needs to be done to solve the problem in this monologue and interview.

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