Bear’s Message to Laura Eisenhower


Not everyone is going to be in agreement to the guests we have on our show. Our guests don’t necessarily reflect the views or beliefs of the hosts, but we just listen with an open mind and it is for the audience to discern. I am not always aware of the claims others make against some of our guests, but like to just listen and see what they have to say and their battles are for them to duke out and do not care to be dragged into it or mistreated because I give someone the time of day. The division and anger and hatred being spewed around at others in this community does nothing but create pain, separation and no matter how often I have tried to be the peace maker and reach out and clear misunderstandings, it goes ignored. Really just here to be true to my path and mission and keep the peace and not choose sides because I don’t know what to think. I tend to feel more aligned with people that treat me with love and respect rather than the ones who go ballistic on me or ignore me completely when I encourage resolution, connection, healing and understanding and I have my friends back by not going against them when I see them being mercifully ridiculed for questioning someone’s work, research or information. I choose love and trust that truth will prevail without me having to lower myself to this level of drama and conflict. I can understand why it exists when people are publicly smeared and someone feels it necessary to defend them, but these are the same people who allowed horrific posts of me being trashed be shared without taking them down, so I just don’t get it. I don’t fully know and don’t want to read into it or make assumptions, I just need to have a strong boundary to all of it, life is stressful enough.

Laura Eisenhower

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