Black Lives Matter / Antifa, Detox the Police, Corrupt Tyrannical Democratic Politicians, and Love and Light Psyop with Bear


Bear in this video speaks about Black Lives Matter / Antifa organizations and how they were funded and used as pawn for the corrupt tyrannical Democratic Politicians and the reasons why, and Bear explains the differences between peaceful protestors and those who roit and loot through tyrannical and anarchist means.

Bear explains how to counter act all of this. Bear also spoke about how to go about reforming the police through detoxing the police, rather than defunding the police altogether.

Last, Bear speaks to the New Age Metaphysical Spiritual community about the importance of psychic protection and how to heal from a psyop mind control of Love And Light and how to start living their lives being empowered and balanced in a real way, rather than the way that was set up by the government and other various secret society agents.

“We Are Trained Marxists” – Patrisse Cullors, Co-Founder, #BlackLivesMatter

Truth about the BLM movement LGBTQ agenda if you want the truth watch this video.

Tucker: Ordinary citizens stand up as politicians cower to the rage mob

If you want to skip the majority of this video content and get to Michelle, or Michael Obama’s video, go to 2:05:15 in order to watch the scene I showed you today of Michelle being a transgendered and Barack saying “Michael’s” name.

New Robot Makes Soldiers Obsolete (Corridor Digital)


Dr.SHIVA LIVE: Cooking the Books On #CoronaVirus – The Scam Continues

CBS caught broadcasting ‘fake news on the coronavirus’

Fall of the Cabal Revelations: Meet the Scherffs [Bush] + Meet the Hitlers [Obama] – Robert Potter

New Age Love and Light Psyop

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