Breaking Point

Breaking Point  

What turning point will buy you out?

Everyone has a price.

Do  you even have a constitution in place with yourself?

Do you know what your values are?  

What determines your actions?

Some people act like they’re nobody.

For example, Tupac put himself at house parties as if he didn’t need bodyguards, as if he wasn’t a celebrity.

Are you an influencer?  

Are you famous?

Do you have to think more carefully before acting because more people are watching your every move because you are famous?

I am known for teaching psychic protection, basically how to prevent and deal with bullying.

The irony of it is that I was bullied and harrassed by my bosses for several months, while running my personal development business with shamanic edge.  The success or corruptness trickles down from the top. I called this the Wild Wild West because of its lawlessness. It was clear why the employees got away with the same, being unprofessional, inappropriate, rude, and corrupt.

I am a victor, not a quitter.

At first I was determined to get over the hump of the learning curve of this new job.

What were my lessons in this?  What was I gaining from these situations?

Then I was doing trial and error on how to stop this bully in his tracks.

Do I need to sweeten them up with love, compassion, patience, and forgiveness?

Do I need to stick up for myself?

Do I need to learn how to thicken my skin even more?

Do I need to not give a fuck and not be affected by this harrassment, ie, detachment?

Did I just have to avoid him despite it being impossible?

Did I have to wish to replace or banish him?

Did I have to remove myself from the environment permanently?

I tried so many positive techniques to get them off my back.
I had so much success with past people who attacked me, this was a piece of cake.

I learned a lot through each layer and perspective, from love, to detachment, to forgiveness, to strength.  Then, it was time. It was not time to run away out of defeat or fear. I made peace with these people more quickly than most would.  I stayed longer than I should have because I actually enjoyed my job and some of the people. Plus, change is usually something people put off until it’s crucial.  

It was time to leave because it was not congruent with my mission to be teaching how to deal with bullies, and yet I was wasting my life force putting up with this on a day to day basis.  The straw that broke the camel’s back was that my business reputation was on the line. How credible would I be choosing to remain in a situation that I preach about?  I was at peace with these bosses. I was no longer scared of them. I felt strong and even had compassion for them. But, I couldn’t live out the mission and carry it out if I was wasting my life force dealing with them.  So, I decided to leave, not because I couldn’t handle them, nor out of fear.

I had people in the community seeing me, saying hello to me.  This was not a healthy environment for them to see me in. They knew and know me as a community leader, an activist, an entrepreneur, in addition to a teacher and a healer.  It was incongruent to see me get disrespected and unjustly treated if I was a leader, trainer, coach, facilitator for personal development, a business woman, owning and running her own business.  

I cannot be associated with people who tell me to shut up, and even lie.  That is inconsistent with who I am and what I stand for. I was embarrassed to be associated with people who live the lifestyle and mindset of the opposite of what I teach.  I believe in the law of cause and effect. I believe in keeping my conscience clear because all I have is my word, my reputation. People trust me for how I live. Do I allow people to abuse me?  Do I sell out and keep a paycheck by doing the dirty work for my bosses? This is the real reason I chose to leave. I did not decide to leave out of fear. Like I said, I was not afraid of these people or this “shoot first, ask later” situation anymore because I was that desensitized or immune to the toxic dynamics of this environment and relationships.  

The title of this article is Breaking Point even though I did not get broken.  It’s more of a turning point.

I decided to leave because I was saying YES to my mission.  My business is my mission. My reputation is what my business is known for.  I decided because I was saying YES to my love, my very purpose for living. My business is healing and empowerment.  I want people to believe and trust me by knowing my lifestyle is matching what I teach and preach. Yes, I knew I deserved better when I endured those months.  Yes, I love conquering challenges. If I believed I was a nobody and had no idea what my life’s purpose was, I would probably stay in that job situation. But, because my life’s path, my calling, my mission for living is so important to me, I could not continue to taint my essence nor reputation by putting myself in a compromising situation.  I did not have the energy to serve people as a healer and teacher because I was so drained and burnt out from this toxic environment. People would say, I have not mastered what I teach and I’m hypocritical if I continued to remain there.

I heal, bless, and forgive this situation.  I open myself to channels of prosperity where I am loved, supported, appreciated, and respected.  The lack of this does take a toll on one’s psyche, soul, and body. I would be setting myself up for failure if I stayed.  I leave, I left, because I am reclaiming my right and divine success, my personal power.  

When I succeed, I help others succeed.  People ask what makes me tick? Simple. I get up every morning for the evolution of the human race and my own evolution.  Simple, yet people find it hard to believe because they have not connected with that aspect of themselves yet.  

What is your big WHY, ie, your purpose for living?  This has to be an 8, 9, or 10 on a scale of 1 to 10 for it to be your big WHY.

What is your breaking or transformational turning points?  

What are your values?

What will you live for?

What will you not tolerate?

Most people don’t do introspection or get in touch with themselves this deeply.  It’s dark, but that’s where you find your treasures of peace, healing, joy, love, and empowerment.

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