Covid, Monkey Pox, Bird Flu, Graphene Oxide, and Vaccine Hoax Update 6-26-2024


Bear in this update, speaks about the diseases and other bodily invasions in which the Cabal, and other Globalist factions in the world had been creating in order to have full tyrannical control, earn money, and for depopulation of the people in this world who are awakened and are not going along with the Cabal’s agenda. This video is to serve as information to what the People of the World can do to counteract the Cabal, and other Globalist factions’ insane and harmful agendas.

Sound Money Wallet

USA People’s Revolt: Collect Precious Metals

Rainbow’s Pot of Gold

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Short Stories of Psychic Protection with Bear & Rainbow


Lessons From the Great Covid Cover-Up

Medical Doctor Drops Post-Vaccine Ivermectin Bombshell

Covid, Monkey Pox, Bird Flu, Graphene Oxide, and Vaccine Hoaxes

Covid, Monkey Pox, Bird Flu, Graphene Oxide, and Vaccine Hoax Update 5-1-2024

Covid, Monkey Pox, Bird Flu, Graphene Oxide, and Vaccine Hoax Update 6-17-2024

Anthony Fauci Grilled By Marjorie Taylor Green Over Covid’s Origins By GOP-Led Subcommittee

Alternative Media Platforms

Why Nano Tech in Human Bodies?

Keep immune system, vibes high, use borax, & detox… Connect the dots, morgellon’s, purple lights, jab, 15 min cities, hive mind……-connect-the-dots-morge.html?mref=a9bi7&mc=aza7m
What If Cancer Is Really, Parasites?
My People! #detox #fast #parasiteCleanse #mindcontrol

Autism with Diane B. and Bear

David Straight Healing Herbal Recipe

Remedies Part 1

Remedies Part 2

December 5, 2020 Nano Bots and Vaccinations

To Be Vaxx or Unvaxx!

Dr. Zelenko – [DS]/Big Pharma Hid The Cures From We The People, Choice Has Been Made, Collapse

Omg do not eat land animals ew!!!


Nanobot Technology, Dismantling and Destruction of CHAZ, and Independence Day!

Nano Flea Vid Clip


Tis The Season of Kitchen Healing Remedies and Shadow Work (A Must Watch)

Cure Jab Video With Ricardo Delgado

We The People in China’s Masks Part 4: It’s Time to Take Off The Muzzel, and Have Freedom To The Fullest ( Vaccination topic starts at 2:23:01. )

Canadian – American Truckers Freedom Convoy for Humanity

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