Declutter to Brighten Your Life


Do you want to save & earn more time,
energy, money, focus, control, trust,
peace of mind, and ease?
Let’s make room for more of what you
want in your life by getting rid of things you
are ready to release.

Did you ever notice the energy in a room
after it has been cleaned?

Is it cozy? Clear? Calming, focused,
inducive to make love in? Motivates
you to work? In the perfect world it would
be best suited to have a room designated
only for one purpose. Examples are an
entertainment room, a cooking room,
a work office, a recording studio,
the sleep quarters, a drawer only for winter
clothes, a folder only for taxes.

Go ahead and pick an area of your life you
are ready to de-clutter and purge what you do
not love. Purge what is useless trash or may
bring your energy down. Pick a closet of clothes,
pick a binder/ file of documents. Pick a friend or
list of friends who are no longer serving a purpose
in your life, who are now toxic in your relationships.
Pick a habit you want to get rid of. Build your
self-confidence or self-love by jotting down your
un-true limiting self-beliefs holding you down.

Put your release-ants into the trash, to the
thrift store, or send people packing their way.
Say goodbye to the old you habits and set a clean
slate for the habits you now wish to live.

For releasing limiting beliefs and old habits,
burn this paper of limiting beliefs as a ceremony
to let go and give re-birth to the new you. If you
emotionally have a hard time letting go of any of
these things, you need to heal your issues. See,
de-cluttering the inside directly mirrors the outside,
and vice versa.

Before you purge anything, be clear on your
destination. Is it to surround yourself by only clothes
and or people who uplift you? Is it to be able to find
your keys and papers in a peaceful, timely manner?
Go ahead and brighten up your life. You deserve it.
The people around you deserve it.
This applies to trashing expired food!

Happy and
graceful de-cluttering!!!

Love & Success,
Rainbow Heart Freedom Eagle

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