Do You Want To Improve Your Vision Naturally Without Glasses or Surgery?

More than a couple decades ago I, Rainbow, successfully underwent this program to naturally heal my eyes. Ever since then, I am a faithful living example of someone who healed and continues to maintain my healthy eyesight.

The body can heal itself when we know how to use it properly, when we know the do’s and don’ts for optimal vision. When we inner and over stand how our mind, our eyes, the nerves, and our body work, we can know how to treat it and care for it better.

Your age or the strength of your glasses or contacts does not matter. The condition of imperfect sight is changeable. The process of deterioration of the eyes can be reversed, and is reversed by those who are willing to re-educate themselves with a special system of vision training.

Q: I have normal, good vision. Do I need these methods?

A: For you, you can prevent ever having to wear glasses after a period of high stress. These methods teach you how to keep the good vision you already have for the rest of you life. Many people have improved their visual acuity beyond the so-called normal range of 20/20.

Rainbow will hold this
Vision Improvement playshop at
Bridge to Health NM (beside Goodwill)
628 Riverside Dr. suite C, Espanola, NM 87532
Saturday May 4, 2024 at 11 AM – 1 PM, $20.

No drop-in’s, space limited.

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“The truth is the process of deterioration of the eyes can be reversed and is reversed by those who are willing to re-educate themselves with the special system of vision training. This training is based on the Bates method that uses primarily the principle of relaxation Dr. Bates discovered that mental strain or tension in the mind is the cause of imperfect eyesight.

This training releases stress and re-educates mind and body and good seeing habits. The emotional reasons for impaired vision are examined to allow you to understand your patterns and change them if you desire. This training is a highly involved and in-depth experience dealing with all levels of consciousness (mental, physical, emotional and spiritual).

You get to see clearly from your innermost being. Clear Vision is from a clear center. This works from the inside out, sending ease and relaxation to the entire body. Self worth is the willingness to look out of your own eyes.  By participating in this method you can join the many people who have reclaimed their vision discarding eyeglasses and contact lenses!

Dr. Bates was an orthodox ophthalmologist in New York City and considered an authority by members of his profession in 1886 he introduced a new operation for relief of persistence . deafness consisting of incising the eardrum membrane and operation still in use today. He went to heal other organs in the head before he pioneered the breakthroughs on the eyes.

In the human body there are two types of muscles, striped and smooth. Striped muscles are conscious command or voluntary muscles. You decide to take action and do things such as move your head, move your hand or walk. The smooth muscles constitute such muscles as the heart, lungs, stomach and digestive organs. These are involuntary muscles and function unconsciously. You don’t tell your stomach to digest your food it just occurs upon digestion

The striped muscle of the eye helps it to rotate the eye. The smooth portion muscle of the eye is responsible for focus. All these muscles have to work in perfect harmony in order to have normal vision. Dr Bates believed mental tension and strain were the cause of imperfect eyesight. Tension occurs in the mind first and then manifests in the body not the other way around. 

Vision is 9/10 mental and 1/10 physical. This eye training supports relaxation and helps the participant to re-educate mind and body in good visual habits again. You cannot exercise an involuntary muscle. It first has to be relaxed and through relaxation it is allowed to function better. It is only through function that the eye can become stronger and in turn only function well through relaxation. 

This is based upon the principle of relaxation of mind and body. To accomplish this there are techniques to loosen the physical body as well as techniques to release mental strain. Memory imagination and visualization play a part in re-establishing eye-mind coordination and normal vision.

Multiple studies, dissertations, interpretations involving and revolving Bates since the 1978 show things that broke the once accepted understanding. “This study is also very significant that is the first to ever show that presbyopia (farsightedness) is not caused by “old age” and hardening (inflexibility), of the lens. Our study proved, scientifically, that this is possible. As Dr. Bates has stated, “Presbyopia is not caused by old age, but by tension.”

The following is a classic example of one person’s experience with myopia (nearsightedness). This man was 25 years old when he began the training. I remember when I had 20/20 vision, I’d walk around stooping to pick up ladybugs in the weeds in elementary. This all changed in 1979 when I started high school in the fall of the year. I became nearsighted, needing glasses to see the chalkboard and anything in the distance. I wondered why. I was in excellent health, so why did I lose my perfectly healthy vision? Why so suddenly, and why now? What did I do? I never abused my eyes. Was it biologically inherited, because everyone in my family was nearsighted? I was puzzled. I was curious to know why. Preceding my nearsightedness, I was outgoing, popular, active in sports, clubs, attended dances, respected, high grades, go jogging, feeling relaxed, revived, and clear-minded throughout the day. I had my network of friends, was social, achieving good grades, knew what high school I was going to and had a secure, stable home. Then came high school. I was lost, forgotten, intimidated by adolescence, peer pressure, drug pressure, sex pressure, parental pressure-social acceptance, girlfriends, teachers, colleges, careers, homework deadlines, employment, independence of adulthood. Halfway through my first semester in my first year of high school, I got my first prescription glasses. I felt more introverted and have remained one ever since. I was unhappy, experienced apprehension, anxiety, and tension. I realized transitioning from junior to high school was one of the most stressful times of my life. I have experienced what Dr. Bates has given us that relaxation is the foundation to vision improvement. Through this vision program I am re-learning good seeing habits, learning new ways to manage stress, feeling more adventurous and outgoing and gaining freedom from wearing glasses.“

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