Have you ever heard of certain things being banned or even deemed illegal?

Have you ever heard of certain things being banned or even deemed illegal?

What do I mean?

Harry Potter for example. There are books on a list that are not allowed to be taught in schools. There is a ban on ideas, especially those for empowerment and sovereignty.

HCQ, NAC. Suddenly certain supplemlents, herbs, or medicines that work for your health are illegal in some countries.

Not only are they not talking about it. They are lying or slandering it, if not hiding it’s existence.

Does it make you question, why? Who is ordering these bans, and why?

As a girl I remember reading about Falun Dafa being illegal and that if you performed this spiritual qigong exercise in Communist China they could kill you for it.

If there is a ban on it, it’s an alert to go find out why. If you’re comfortable taking dominion over your life despite coming to terms with sinister things of history and current status quo, I implore you to empower yourselves.

Whether it be a cap on our consciousness, our spiritual evolution, our wellness, our sovereignty on any and all levels, including finances, ask yourselves, “Why?” This prism planet is designed by a few who try to maintain enslavement of the masses on the planet. Social credit scores can limit how you can or cannot function on society, even as simple as having access to your money to buy groceries.

Why are financial professionals not telling us about sound money? Why are the government and large financial institutions the largest holders of sound money?

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