Herdlings versus Shepherds

Herdlings versus Shepherds

By:  Rainbow Heart Freedom Eagle

Have you ever wondered why you can expect certain good things from certain people, and always disappointment from others?

Many of you have worked in your lives.  We all have to deal with people, family, school, bosses, employees, and friends.

Some care, some don’t.

How do we know when it’s crucial to care and when it’s okay to be careless?

Everyone has different personalities, priorities, needs, values, perspectives, experiences, circumstances, and demands.  It’s not about talent, skill, or knowledge.  It’s about one’s ego.

People like to sabotage one another.  They don’t want to listen to  their co-workers, their bosses, their parents, their friends and family.  They want to prove people wrong.  So, instead of doing what one may call the right thing, they will do something out of lack or ego.  This is like a cancer cell gone rogue.

Negative roots beget negative fruits.

Positive roots beget positive fruits.

People who have 12 or more PhD’s will never be happy because they are doing it for approval, instead of allowing themselves to be happy.

People who have this attitude of, “I’ll prove you wrong,” despite what they really feel, doing things against their own values are doing it out of lack.  

Doing things out of lack never produces anything good long term.  This is a virus.  This is cancer.

Let’s get into specific examples.

People know they are supposed to refill the toilet paper dispenser but won’t do it because they are negative.  What do I mean?  As facetious as this sounds, I changed the action, but the attitudes are the same.  “Why the hell should I do it?  Why do I get stuck doing all the work?  Why doesn’t somebody else do it?  Who the hell does my co-worker think he is thinking he can boss me around?  Who the hell does my boss think she is, picking on me?  Why can’t they ask someone else?  Why do I always get stuck with the shit end of the stick?”

Does this sound familiar?  This is the victimhood mentality that separates the herdllings from the shepherds.

When you think of comparing prosperity consciousness to poverty consciousness, there are many analogies and different names for this.  Lack matrix compared to abundance matrix is another.  You may or may not have heard of similar philosophies with other names for what I am about to describe.

When one thinks of himself or herself as a victim, or operates out of lack consciousness, it is comparable to a cancer cell.  Louise Haye’s book, “Heal Your Body” defines cancer as self hatred.

I will go a step further and reiterate poverty and lack as the devil.  Look, evolution versus de-volution.  Those of you who watch my videos know I repeat these words and concepts frequently.  Evolve versus devolve.  Whether it’s a word or not, I may have made up the word, “devolve.”  Look at how “love” is in the word, “evolve” spelled backwards.  Look at how the word “devolve” looks and sounds like the word “devil.”  Look at how the word “devil” has the word “evil” in it.  Look at how the word evolving and devolving show us how one rises and one descends.  Vibration, consciousness, a way of being is evolving or devolving.

Evolving revolves around the higher vibrations of love, trust, peace, joy, abundance, prosperity, evolution, healing, wholeness, connection.  There are more.  I just listed a few so you’d get the picture here.  

Devolving revolves around devilishment, evil, death, descending, demotion, ignorance, stupidity, apathy, poverty, selfishness, victimhood, conflict, tension, dis-ease, suspicion, lack, sickness, disconnection.  Again, I just listed a few to get to the point.

When we forget who we are, we do lack things that cause disease and problems for macro and micro levels.  What do I mean?  When we do the wrong things it tends to deteriorate into sickness, conflict, death, devilshment, devolution, devilution.  I made that up, too, “devil-ution.”

Once we realize, or use our real eyes to see who are, we re-member or become a member again that we are connected, we are love, we are abundant.   Then our very essence heals, empowers, enriches everything and everyone around us across all time and space with the very being, the mere presence.  The I AM presence.  I am all that is.  I am already whole, complete, healed, infinite.  

I see so much shit and shenanigans because people unconsciously operate from a lack or victim mentality.  Here’s a boss thinking about her employee who seems to always be steps and miles ahead of her boss.  “Why do I have to listen to her?  I am the boss!  I shouldn’t take suggestions from my subordinates!  Who the hell does she think she is making me look bad?!”  

Here’s an employee who refuses to harmonize and synergize with another employee supposedly on the same level, in title anyway.  “Why the hell should I listen to her?!  I only listen to the boss if I want because the boss has the power to write me up.  I don’t need to, nor will I listen to anyone else because I am my own boss.  Other employees have no authority over me!”  

You see, the consciousness from these 2 examples are this employee and boss are both operating from the lack matrix, victimhood, poverty consciousness, devolution. This employee and boss don’t feel good enough.  That’s why they react according to their self concept, self image, self beliefs.   If they were secure in themselves and their ego and feeling full, powerful, worthy, abundant, they would think long term, and for the highest good of all.  But they are stuck  in the measly me, me, me, which is a lack mentality.  This me, me, me is like an empty parasite, an empty, voracious cancer cell that sabotages oneself, hence the collective.  I can give you another term that mentalists who passed away used that is basically the same philosophy I am conveying here.  Failure methods, versus success methods.  Devolving people operate out of lack matrix, failure methods, lack paradigm, poverty consciousness, victimhood, you name it!  There are characteristics which embody these consciousness starkly and with contrast.

This is what I like to call the lazy herdling who doesn’t care.  He thinks thoughts such as, “What can I get away with?  How can I low-ball them without getting caught?”  Herdlings only think of himself and how to fill his stomach, his wallet, his sex drive, his ego.  It’s like pulling teeth to get the herdling to work. The reason they don’t care to do what is right or to go the extra mile is because they perceive and feel themselves to be empty in mind, body, spirit, ego, time, money, energy, heck maybe even soul!  They don’t feel good enough, strong enough, pretty enough, rich enough, healthy enough, confident enough.  They don’t feel they have enough of anything, from accomplishments, fame, friends, approval, money, time, energy, space, you name it!  They don’t feel that they make a difference.  They feel like victims.  They feel like the world is happening TO them.  They only see problems, betrayals, losses, and lack.  They feel they are always losing, attacked, and failing.  They are mired in their lacks, the lacks are the sole root of why they fail, create unnecessary conflict, sabotage themselves, and directly sabotage everyone they come into contact with.  This ripples into the ethers, into the world.  They think small.  They see themselves as small.  They don’t care because they think nothing makes a difference.  They see the shepherd as overachievers for caring.  

Then on the other hand there is the caring shepherd who must make the hard decisions out of responsibility to the whole tribe, the collective, the long term effects.  The good shepherd does not look at titles of employment, nor degrees of achievement.  The good shepherd is a victor, not a victim.  As a victor, or steward of God, he feels the world is happening FOR him, he is supported by God/ Universe.  He operates out of victor-ship, abundance matrix, evolution, love, health, wholeness, connection.  He knows failure is not an option.  It’s either do or die.  No one has to tell a shepherd what to do.  He goes the extra mile the herdling refuses to go because the shepherd prevents repercussions of the quick fixes, laziness, or lack thinking in the short term or careless ways, or selfish ways.  He feels responsible for his duty.  His followers and leaders trust him because they know he will do whatever it takes to take care of everyone, looking at the bigger and long-term picture as his inspiration for his actions.  He is not motivated by approval, recognition, ease, laziness or money.  He does not think, “What can I get away with?”  He thinks, “How can I make this better?”  He is like a super soldier who everyone trusts will lead them to not only safety, but to prosperity.  The reason he can be this way is because the consciousness he is emanating is “more than enough.”  He feels confident, he trusts and has faith.  He has vision.  He is inclusive seeing his familiar tribe, his constitutional tribe, his worldly tribe, even his galactic tribe.  He dies in peace knowing he always did the best he could out of the love for humanity, not out of lack to feed his ego or his wallet.  He feels whole and connected with God.  This is where his strength springs forth from, from God, love, the infinite.

When people fill their cups, heal their disease ridden lacks of the mind, the ego, the soul, the traumas and hurts that narcissize—yeah I made that up now, too—or vampirize everyone else, all situations, then people can gradually take their power, their soul essence and beauty back!  This is why some people are takers, and some people are contributors.  The sad part is most are unaware of it.  For those of you who see energy, you can see people’s auras who are takers and contributors and how much they take and give.  Takers’ auras are wispy & empty, some are even predatorial.  Contributors’ auras are more whole, enclosed, radiant, full and solid.  This can be seen with Kirlian photography.

So, what do you want to do about it?  Or shall I ask, who are you being?  Who do you want to be?  What percentage do you spend your time acting the victim role, vampirize yourself and others?  What are you willing to do about it?  Do you even care?  This midas touch, this care, this love, God, abundance vibration is why the blessed create more blessings.  This lack or cancer consciousness is why the lack creates more lack or misfortunes.

I will leave you with that.  Problems are always challenges and opportunities for growth.  Will you take it and alchemize yourself?    

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