I am Very Tired of Spiritual People Demonizing Darkness. Very Tired.

I am Very Tired of Spiritual People Demonizing Darkness. Very Tired.

By Princess Hurriicane

I saw so many posts yesterday that upset my spirit…

Talking about ‘escaping and defeating the darkness and moving into pure light’

‘How darkness is something that should be conquered and defeated’

‘Do not seek out Lilith because she is evil and dangerous’

???????????? cmon guys..it’s 2024. I thought we would be a little bit past that way of black and white thinking.

Is the moon something we should defeat and destroy?

Is the deep ocean something we should annihilate because of its darkness?

Darkness is -NOT- evil. Darkness is -NOT- bad.

Does darkness contain evil and bad? Yes definitely, but so does light.

They don’t like to talk about the evil that exists in the light though, because that would challenge their authority.

It’s easy to make darkness out to be something it’s not.

It’s a wildly misunderstood force.

But.. please remember, there is so much beauty, softness, sweetness, and peace inside of it.

If you are on a constant crusade against the darkness you will miss out on the gentleness and love, the supple power it offers.

Lilith is not evil. She is a goddess of deep liberation and sensual aliveness with much connection to the divine feminine mysteries.

Shadows are not to be annihilated, they are to be loved back into their purity.

Please stop demonizing darkness.

Unless you want to go back to the evils of the witch hunts, the crusades, etc. if you want to carry that lineage forward then by all means continue doing what you’re doing.

Otherwise, be mindful of the way in which duality serves us on this plane. In both dark and light. ????


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    “People don’t understand the balance of life and The Universe. There is good, evil, and neutrality. Not all darkness is bad, and not all light is good. Balance is what people should strive for.” Standing Bear Thunder Heart

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