I Smell Parasites.

I Smell Parasites

By Rainbow Heart Freedom Eagle

I smell parasites. Where have you been?! Go clean yourself! When performing healing work, or just plain walking through an environment, the stench of spirit parasites can linger on one’s clothes, hair, or body.

Mind parasites, etheric parasites, astral parasites, unwanted spirit or energetic attachments, these are some things that one can smell when the psychic nose is more activated. These are spiritual predators in addition to the actual physical parasites since everything is interrelated. You can imagine what the energy of these things are when people are in close contact or proximity of them.

The 6th sense. When one can see, hear, smell, taste, feel, or sense things that seem invisible, or not there to most people, it may be called the 6th sense, ESP.

In performing Reiki energy healings, one must be aware of the pros and cons of healing. Fear occurs when there is lack of knowledge or even misunderstanding. If one is proactive in learning and or experiencing Reiki energy healing, awareness can lead to, seeking knowledge,
learning, understanding, wisdom through experience, and eventually mastery. Healing isn’t always puppy dogs and rainbows, but amidst all the confusion, it can be more comforting with people who are comfortably well versed in this arena.

If you feel called to tap into and manage your healing abilities, and or want to make things better in your life, in your health, research Reiki. If you are called to, join in our Reiki Demo Introduction.

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