How many of you have heard of the Iditarod?

It’s a team of dog sledding in a physically & emotionally intense race.

Battling the environmental elements such as fierce snowy cold, physical injuries like broken bones and blisters, hunger, stamina can be daunting. The emotional, psychological component is also pertinent as community and individuals. A family knows the weaknesses and strengths of one another. We can neglect it, or make each one shine in their strengths and strengthen each individuals’ insecurities. Each dog has a different personality with different needs.

Whether you are healing or problem solving in relationships, in your health, in your church, community, family, or any village, we are all, all interconnected. Individuals affect the whole, and vice versa.

When the body has cancer or any imbalance, the systemic whole needs to be addressed, otherwise the issue will keep returning, pill after pill, surgery after surgery. This applies to addictions. This applies to trauma, too.

When in sales, whether it be for a church, non-profit, or your network marketing business, your small business, or your activism, a multi-faceted approach is more promising for success in whatever you want to achieve.

The sick cancerous cells cannot be excluded from the properly functioning cells in the body. The jealous dog in the Iditarod race cannot feel unsupported by its team of brothers and sisters. The same applies for work environments, for spiritual groups, for families, for villages.

When a certain 3rd world, indigenous tribe in Africa has one of it’s village members commit a crime, he or she is not punished. He or she is surrounded by the tribe and they sing to his or her song to him or her. This song is the individual’s song that was given and received by him or her at his or her birth. The purpose of this is not to shame, punish, or make feel guilty. The purpose is to have him or her remember, re-member, remind him or her that he or she is a special member again, returning member of the one unit family! The person who committed the crime in the middle cries with this realization. This is why there is no need for prison. He or she remembers that he or she is loved and supported by the family. The tribe helps one another. There is harmony when one realizes this abundant support and connection.

Some people will not admit, the reason they refuse to help one another is because they are feeling lack, insecurity, like there is not enough for themselves. Whether it be in love, or food, or money, beauty, resources, self worth, this is merely an illusion. It is her “lack” perception. This is why there is dis-ease, dis-connection, dis-harmony, squabbles, and war.

When you love your self, you love your cells. Say this, “I love my self.” You are your cells. The individual is equally as powerful as the whole. One little cell can create chaos for the whole, as it can easily create prosperity for the whole as well.

Heal your lack, your insecurities, your traumas, this generation and seven generations past. You do affect your children even after your death.

A great documentary to watch is Blue Zone, demonstrating core principles of Centaurians. These people live to 100 years young and upwards with a higher quality of life than most in the world. One of the reasons is because of community.

We are not meant to be lone islands on any level.

Mitakuye Oyasin, “All my relations.” Or, as I like to say, “We are all related.”

Rainbow Heart Freedom Eagle

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