It Takes One to Tantra.

It’s been awhile, I’m not sure if this excerpt in this tantra definition photo is from Chantelle Raven Dakini sister or not. Tying in to the past couple years of 2020 to the present February 2022:

Stepping out of this familiar socially engineered normalized programming matrix paradigm of lack-victimhood-trauma is what the constructs of this world is waking up to and crumbling.

People repeat, “I want to go back to normal. When this pandemic virus mandates end…”
Just because it is familiar doesn’t mean it was ever normal. Destruction and chaos is necessary for the new models of existence to enter and re-establish as the new normal, like when we had ancient civilizations of optimal flourishing where we would levitate and use other advanced technologies to build pyramids.

Tantra is not just the pigeon hole of wild passionate sex. Tantra is a being, a living consciousness of trust-love-abundance. Where we are free to be ourselves and not be afraid of the purposefully designed constructs intended to divided and conquer us from every sector in life, from food, money, air, politics, race, land, geo & exo-politics, etc.. we are in our natural state. This is what the God Creator Universe has intended for our natural optimal healthy flourishing states of being, though we are collectively at a point of re-membering this again.

We are meant to live in abundance of everything with regards to our health, wealth and happiness. But it starts with us to extricate ourselves of “not enough-ness.” Not enough self worth, not enough money, not enough food, not enough support, enough land, not enough health, not enough friends, not enough knowledge, not enough power, not enough trust, not enough love…

We do not need to put ourselves in the situation of being the food of other people, from loosh, to slaves, on all levels of vampirism. What do I mean? There are those that harvest our consciousness, our souls, our bodies, our sovereign rights, let alone take advantage of us on our carnal meat sack levels, energetic loosh, credit cards, taxes, land, medical health, create their own laws we are born into like maritime & common laws, etc.. This is the hologram, the video game we have been all co- creating whether we know it or not. We want to win the game to ascension. Not everyone is here for ascension, some are here to continue schooling and cheer on the ones who will be graduating or ascending.

It is what it is. We are all in our divine time and order for we can use all that what “happen to us,” victimhood mentality and transmute it as empowering survivor warrior victor-hood lessons as “everything happens for us.” This pivot in one’s consciousness and mindset is how we start. The revolution without is merely a reflection of the revolution of our inner worlds. Wake the fuck up.

It’s time to claim your heart-dom, king/queen-dom, love-trust-abundance paradigm awaits you. Will you answer the door?

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