Jipping and not paying.

“Activate your ancestors so they’re not depleted.  They are fully charged and ready to go, when you need them to work with you.” CQ

This is the same in any relationship.  The above quote is in reference to working with your spirit or dead ancestors.  If you don’t pay people, that is imbalanced and festers insidious conflict, problems, resentment, imbalance, accidents, and disease.  Universal law is give and take, cause and effect, the law of reciprocation. Thinking anything is free is not only disrespectful, it is harmful.  Nature IS this balance of yin and yang. Animals do not have these judgments, labels, stereotypes that humans do when it comes to money, racism, etcetera.  Think like animals, and nature. They just are. They just be. All animals live survival of the fittest and non-judgment unlike humans.

Humans live in judgment with duality of labeling good and bad.  Nature does not place guilt nor shameful judgments that human mindsets do.  Nature does not judge money, value, worth, but it always rectifies and returns things back to balance even in catastrophes.  If you devalue or bastardize someone’s worth, it will come back to you. People do this by low-balling, jipping, stealing, criticizing, lying, disrespecting, un-appreciating, breaking promises, and being late.  They do this to money, time, and energy, promises and relationships. They do it with other people, but more to themselves than anyone else because it is their thermostat or habit or program they run on. If you want misfortunes and a bad reputation, try and get everything for free.  People will run away from you when they hear you coming!  

If you want support, develop the habit of paying for everything.  Everything worth it is not always easy or cheap. That’s what makes it worth it, whether you’re reaping wellness, trust, success, confidence, relationships, reputation, you name it.  You can pay in many different energy forms.  

There’s this Chinese proverb that talks about giving before taking.  Not many people practice this because they were not taught this. Feed people good vibes, somehow, someway, with free valuable information first, with small talk first, with paying for their events and classes first, with buying samples from them first.  It’s like dating. You must build a relationship first, not just get into bed and fuck someone and you find out you conceive an unwanted baby or contract STD’s/ STI’s. We used to make this mistake that anyone who was into the same thing would want to also collaborate together.  This is not true. Start slow, get to know each other first and develop a relationship. See if you’re in alignment enough before assuming you can and will collaborate. This is why most relationships don’t pan out.

If your gang,  your family, your tribe will stick by you, it’s because they’re getting something out of it.  What is it? Maybe they’re getting approval, or a family connection. Maybe they’re getting exposure or publicity.  Maybe they’re feeling like they are making a difference. Everyone has different intentions and needs. But what’s for certain is, nothing is ever free.  The spirits in the spirit world will think you’re stupid to ask for things for free and you don’t give anything back in return! Same goes with the physical realm and human relationships, but people criticize charging.  They think they are being self-righteous and in integrity. You are devaluing the person paying and also the person receiving when you believe in putting no value, price, or worth to things, services, people and ideas.

This mindset is rooted in poverty consciousness.  “Being poor is righteous,”
is a myth.  Poverty is the #1 cause of problems in the world.  The monarchy and churches in Europe made sure the common masses had these mindsets so the slaves, or surfs did not revolt against them or the government.  This is why they withhold knowledge of power on all levels and claim it to be evil. They want to control you, and have it all for themselves. These powers that be in control, the illuminati, the churches, the banksters, the Cabal, NWO corporations, Trilateral Commission, the Bilderbergs, the shadow governments, the people who practice magic and weave it into everything from media to entertainment to clothing, are practicing the very thing they wish to shame you for so that you do not rise against them.  This is why they say it’s evil to have money, or to be rich, or to be financially free, or to be desiring it. Money is one form of power they don’t want you to have because it allows you freedom and power to break free from their control. When the healers are not financially free or comfortable, they are not empowered enough to impact the masses so the masses can rise to overthrow the corrup 1% elite. This is why healers with the old programming shame other healers for rising, in success, money, impact, and fame.  Another myth is promotion, especially self-promotion is bad. It all revolves around sabotaging you and others from success.  

Other forms of power in addition to money are spiritual, energetic, physical, political, social, Media, entertainment, sexual, you name it.  This is why the churches killed the witches and the crusaders killed the “savage uncivilized” indigenous priestess, shamans, communities, because they know how to wield power within themselves and working with nature.  They fear people having too much power because they cannot control people with power and they want it all for themselves. Back to money and financial exhange. 

People get sick when they don’t pay their therapists and healers.  Subconsciously it’s because they have guilt about it and are not clearing their conscience.  We feel people who are parasitic or free-loading, complaining to low-ball are being disrespectful whether they’re aware of it or not.  Doctors and mechanics get paid, so healers and teachers of healing have every right to as well. Those who invest in their craft we’re sure can agree to this.  We pay thoughsands of dollars in money, years, effort, experience, heck, some people even pay with their lives and almost or do get killed for their pursuing their expertise/ hobby/ craft/ mission!

When people think right, act right, speak right, this propagates more blessings for them.  But even if people are not intending malice or harm, they are ignorant to these universal principles.  So, educate yourselves about universal laws of power. If you always put yourself down, that’s harmful.  If you always undercharge that’s harmful. Furthermore, it goes the same way. If you put other people down, or don’t pay off your monetary debts to people, that’s harmful.  It actually brings more psychic attachmentts of misfortunes to you. People don’t know these principles. They are so ingrained and driven by fear, shame, and guilt, the imbalance of the 1st 3 chakras and always trying to see what they can get away with not paying, instead of paying people their fair honestly earned share, equal energy exchange.  If you have a reputation for jipping, universe gives it right back to you plain and simple.

If you pay, pay more, consistently, early, loyally, people will remember you more in a positive light.  Isn’t this what you want? 

Or maybe, you just want to thwart misfortunes and create more blessings your way?

Biblical background uses tithings to give back.  Going back to roots, some people pay their dead spirit ancestors.  Some people do a combination of these and more! It doesn’t matter which one you use, just as long as you understand these principles of balanced giving and taking.

Either way, law of conservation of mass, reciprocity, give and take, circulation, call it what you want.  They’re all interrelated and similar. It exists. Either let it work for you, or against you.  

Go beyond disease, trouble, hard time, and drama.  Magnetize blessings your way, consistently!

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