Mark White Eagle 06-07-11 Child Exploitation Rings Update

Mark White Eagle 06-07-11 Child Exploitation Rings Update from Bear and Rainbow on Vimeo.

Mark White Eagle Travalino is the returning guest of The Bear and Rainbow Show to update the world on his situation, his children’s situation, and his continual war against the Child Protective Services, the pharmaceutical companies, the legislative and judicial system and the corrupt officials running these institutions guilty of participating in Child Exploitation Rings and Racketeering. Also, Mark informs the world on how to force the oil companies to lower gas prices through Gas and Oil Wars protest, and he also informs the people that their health is at risk through Chemical Trails caused by the government and also the radiation from the Japan earthquake/tsunami damage to the nuclear power plant being spread to the United States and around the world, and how Mark being a medicine man and a shaman have cures through the use of herbs and other forms of alternative healing can help humanity be healed from the damages of these harmful chemicals, of any kind.

Mark White Eagle’s contact information:

Michael Travalino aka Mark White Eagle,
Sovereign Native American Medicine Man and Shaman
P. O. Box 151,
Fort Davis, Texas, 79734
Phone 575-910-0849 or 575-910-5781

About Bear

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