My People! #detox #fast #parasiteCleanse #mindcontrol


My People! #detox #fast #parasiteCleanse #mindcontrol

Detoxification By Purification is dedicated to helping you to remove the toxins, poisons, chemicals and parasites that are the main culprit behind physical, mental and spiritual health.
Detox Purification for the following conditions:

Morgellon Fibers, Nanoparticles, Candida, Parasites, Parasite Eggs, Radiation, Toxins, Fluoride, Viral Shedding/Vax Shedding Covid19, Vaccine Side effects/Spike protein, Pineal Gland, Arthritis, inflammation, Brain fog.


Detoxification By Purification Products By Rainbow

To contact me, Bear, you can either email me at bear and rainbow @, or go to and go to our inbox to contact me there with your name, phone number, email, the reason you are contacting me, the best time to call you, and where you are located at in order for me, or Rainbow to best serve you. Serious inquiries only.

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Short Stories of Psychic Protection with Bear & Rainbow

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