Nanobot Technology, Dismantling and Destruction of CHAZ, and Independence Day!


Nanobot Technology, Dismantling and Destruction of CHAZ, and Independence Day!

Bear speaks about the dangers of the Nanobot invasions into our physical bodies as “The Mark of The Beast Plan B,” what are the dangers of having the nanobots being inside of people, and what to do to counteract and defend yourself against them from hurting people, even killing people.

Bear also speaks about the dismantling and destruction of an Autonomous Zone little nation called CHAZ, and how important it was in restoring law, order, safety, and security into America nation once again, and the battle against the Democratic Satanist Far – Left from destroying America through their satanist and socialistic ideologies. Last, Bear explains the difference between Independence Day and July 4th. His explaination of this is very enlightening.

How To Terminate A.I. Nano Bots

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