PIMP Party In My Pants, Maxipads, & Women Empowerment with Feminine Empowerer Rainbow

PIMP Party In My Pants with Rainbow—Feminine Empowerer

Party In My Pants, Maxipads, & Women Empowerment with Feminine Empowerer Rainbow from Bear and Rainbow on Vimeo.

http://partypantspads.com/cpc for your free sample. You can even name the fabric of pads, submit your suggestions! Celebrate and commune with the consciousness of feminine empowerment, menstruation, life, green choices for Earth and your body. You deserve it! Thanks for Luci and Lydia. Tell’em Rainbow sent ya.



Women Empowerment & Menstruation, with Shaman Rainbow

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Do you wonder why some females have pain during menstruation and why some do not? Is it even normal to have pain during this time of the month? Let’s watch the video.

How can shamanic healing & empowerment benefit you?

You’ll have more ease and grace to honing every quality you want in
yourself from peace, strength, love, joy, leadership, contribution,
fulfillment, affluence, compassion, confidence, stewardship,
discipline, vitality, balance, mojo, faith, rejuvenation, courage,
liberation, power, influence, forgiveness, connectedness, passion,
clarity, intuition, and so much more of everything positive you wish

Let’s watch the empowerment of menstruation with Rainbow. Why are some women in pain, and some women pain-free when it comes to the menstruation cycle? Does this have to do with sex and power? This is from an energy medicine, shamanic point of view, getting to the roots of why attitude and self-concept can cause us dis-ease or wellness.

You can uncover answers to your questions on to how you need to live
your life for self-actualization. Mirror what is already in your
subconscious mind so you can heal whatever personal healing pops up.
Master yourself by freeing yourself by self-imposed beliefs, personal
experiences, society, ancestral and DNA coding. Become your own
captain so you can sail your boat in any situation in both physical
and spiritual worlds.

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https://bearandrainbow.com/bear-rainbo… .

Shamanic healing & spiritual advise are one of the things both Bear &
Rainbow do for fun and empowerment. Do you want a shamanic healing,
channeling, Medicine Card reading, or spiritual advise to be taught
how to do it yourself? Massage is optional. Bear & or Rainbow may be
available if you’re the right match for these shamanic services.

Bear & Rainbow do not enable victim-hood. They teach people how to
fish so they can fish for themselves & teach others the same. Leaders
creating leaders.

For phone, Skype, or in person shamanic services, contact

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