President Trump’s 2nd Impeachment Acquittal response from Bear


Happy Valentine’s Day to those who are in love and living in the love vibration.

Bear responded about President Donald Trump’s second acquittal of the 2nd Impeachment trial presented by the corrupted Democrat politicians who wanted to impeachment him with the narrative that Trump incited the insurrection towards the Nation’s Capital in Washington D.C. on January 6, 2021. Of course, the Democrats, along with seven Rino Republican politicians lost the vote to impeach Trump, 57-43, with 67 need to convict him, which did not happen.

Bear also addresses his passed former clients, friends, and associations, along with the Radical Democrat Leftist-Liberals who are engulfed in the Globalist Hivemind about their illogical behaviors and aggressive attacks towards President Trump, Team Bear & Rainbow, and other conservative and independents who are American Patriots, and that their behaviors will no longer be tolerated.


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