Preventing Parasitism

Preventing Parasitism.

Author:  Rainbow Heart Freedom Eagle

August 23, 2020


I have witnessed and been embroiled in so many scenarios that I am not surprised anymore. Collusion.  Embezzlement.  Fraud.  Criminal activity, lying, cheating, stealing.  Dishonor.

Am I perfect?  Hell… to the no!  But I have also been there in my own slight degrees and cleaned up my act.  The trouble one creates in his or her own karma is repellant enough for me, as life already has built in challenges.   I say, might as well, play clean to reap positivity, not to evade punishment.  Why purposely and knowingly incur more problems, drama, and consequences for yourself when you can do the opposite?  Reap the Midas touch.  The more you contribute in the right and balanced way, the more you receive!

You can’t complain if you don’t learn how to discern and prevent tragic to annoying situations from happening again to you! I have too many stories to share with you.  More importantly, I will tell you how to not let it happen to you, or to nip it in the bud once you can accept the truth that is happening.  It’s really easier to do than most realize.  Well it’s easy for me, since this is my innate gift I have for the world, or those who are ready and willing to digest and implement. 

Let’s just say I worked at a multitude of jobs and I’m not the type of person to repeat lessons twice, so I learn them and then digest and process the next set of lessons faster than most.  This is why people have a hard time keeping up with me and have to get to know me all over again if they choose to.  I grow too much too fast for most average folk. 

When you have a mission, there is an urgency to constantly outdo yourself, stretch past your comforts and go beyond your limitations with fervor.  I will touch upon a few select examples here for now.

I worked at a Catholic private school and accidentally stumbled upon the moles one at a time, that were implanted to uncover the collusion and embezzlement happening at that school.  One of the culprits is now a spiritual healer but has almost died.  The funny thing is no one knows I know that he stole the money.  I met him more than 10 years down the line and found out he gave the majority of the money he stole, to spiritual causes at a temple.  But still, his karma is currently biting him in the butt.  The other man colluding with him was so paranoid asking me what I was doing here.  I said I am working, making a living like everyone else.  I didn’t realize at that moment until later, that I walked in on him saving his financials he was tweaking and embezzling. 

The proof was saved on his DVD’s for him and his partners.  They orchestrated it and set up Mexicans, pretending to blame them, as if the Mexicans were the culprits.  Yet, they refused to get security cameras installed in their school.  Now I know why, how convenient for these colluders.  One of the moles had a Freudian slip and we had eye contact with a certain awareness.  Once he realized I knew he was a mole, we stopped having eye contact from that day forward.  It’s not what we said, it’s the fact that we no longer interacted as normal, friendly colleagues.  He didn’t want to blow his cover, so I just played along and I ignored him, too.  How does this pertain to preventing parasitism?  I’ll get there.

I also worked at another school where I, again, accidentally walked in on 2 moles that were implanted to uncover the nepotism at a different school.  Long story short, the boss resigned with announcing a false reason of her resignation.  But I knew it as due to her exposition of abuse of her powers, including nepotism.  How does this pertain to preventing parasitism?  I’ll get there.

This lady received free healing from Bear more than once and never paid him as she promised.  She was always full of bad news and karma.  She lives a lifestyle of incurring debts on all levels to everyone. 

If you don’t pay on purposeful, balanced, fortunate ways like tithing, Universe will take from you without your control in misfortunes incurred by you.  It doesn’t discriminate as it will deliver problems, accidents, tragedies more often than people who give the Midas touch.  Ever notice certain people have a habit of contributing?  Ever notice certain people have a habit of parasiting?  Once awareness is discovered, you have no reason to perpetuate parasiting but only out of your free will of choice.  You are that powerful to cure it within yourself! Yeah, I said it! You can cure it, you!

Let’s talk about multi-millionaires I had direct personal connections with.  Sadly, these people I knew had made their wealth off, or their family’s wealth off of selling out to diabolical acts.  Yes, I found out those important historical origins later. 

It’s no wonder the curses follow them.  It hasn’t been rectified yet!  

These two people both had in common that they would give all their trust and money to people who were lying and parasiting off of them to steal their money.  Now, why did they not give their trust and money to people who were honest, trustworthy, honorable and living with integrity?  Hehehehe… 

Let’s go back to my favorite, shadow contracts.  “Shadow contracts are where we are unconsciously serving lack.”  This quote is directly from Amanda Flaker who also teaches her own masterful spin to the topic of lack, similar, yet different from ours, Bear & Rainbow’s. 

These parasites were kissing the rich people’s asses.  The honorable people refused to kiss the rich people’s asses and give away their power to them in that way.  The rich people’s discernment  went out the door of trusting a person’s character because these parasites appeared to be giving their power away to the millionaires and these particular millionaires favored that.   But, this pattern kept happening as both these millionaires confessed to me.  What is that song?  “Fooled me once, shame on you.  Fooled me twice, shame on me!”  Why are these rich folks not learning their lessons?  Why are they still falling for the parasites lying, cheating and stealing?  Shadow contracts.  What is each party getting out of the relationship, out of the interaction?  Let me break it down for you.  

Okay, the superficial level one.  The outward action is usery, parasiting.  Level two, the next deeper layer is the shadow contract.  The shadow contract is the financially wealthy person was feeling revered, while the parasite was feeling financially fulfilled.  That is the shadow contract.  Level 3 is the deepest layer, aka, the white noise.  The white noise of both of them is, “There is not enough.”  The wealthy person’s white noise is many things from, “There are not enough trustworthy people,” to “I deserve to be surrounded by and taken advantage by abusive parasites because I am living out my historical karma of my wealth being accumulated out of killings of innocent humans.” 

The person using the wealthy person has different white noises of, “There is not enough truth so I must lie and deceive him/ her to get what I need.  There is not enough money so I must do whatever it takes to take wealth from someone else even if it is deceptive, harmful, corrupt, and imbalanced.”  How do these millionaires’ stories pertain to preventing parasitism?  I’ll get there.

I’d like to add that parasitism is not only exhibited by humans.  Yes, the supernatural participate in this as well.  Many of you may have seen my videos on etheric/astral/mind parasites called, “Why Do Etheric Parasites Reside in Us?”  I am here to announce that silicon parasites also reside in humans, which are only one aspect of the AI projects.  It’s all an intricate web of physical, mental, energetic, frequency, mind control, diseases, and beyond. How does this pertain to preventing parasitism?  I’ll get there. 

We do have the break down of these horrific details and the remedies of it for our patrons at  Yes, you can rebuke, remove, and prevent the poisons of the world from radiation, to Morgellon’s disease, to becoming an infiltratable Karen/ Ken, or even a true zombie. 

Like one of my teachers said, you can’t just be about saving the children.  When you become awakened, you have to do it with regards to all aspects.  It is not about politics, that is merely the front!  You have to see how everything is globally, intergalatically, and interdimensionally interrelated, from the abuses of finances, to crimes against humanity, to medicines and toxins, to energy sources, to the aliens that control certain treaties and territories that humans are merely a part of, science, spirit, time travel and beyond.  For people who don’t believe in this expanded way of life, it still affects them and all of life regardless.

How does this pertain to preventing parasitism? 

This year of 2020 is merely the beginning of The Great Awakening!  Too many people are asleep.  It’s not convenient to believe things like this otherwise.  It’s too easy to be friends and believe in everyone.  They are deluding themselves that people they are friends with would never do such incriminating acts!  This is the personal level.  Now, when it comes to organizational or institutional levels, we can talk about so called leaders.  Certain celebrities and politicians have and are colluding with evil puppet-masters who orchestrate how certain evils in our world works.  Certain institutions with regards to medical, health, outer space, security, secret intelligence and beyond are colluding.  All these individuals and groups have sold out.  It seems too horrendously planned that people refuse to believe it.  They would rather be angry and not face the evidence as it stares them blatantly in their faces, yet there are many official original sources and documentaries of evidence when you understand discernment and know what you are looking for.  We do have a consistently growing library of these things if you are so inclined to know these truths and why they have been hidden, conveniently compiled in our Patreon library as well.  How does this pertain to preventing parasitism? 

This is merely a reflection of the macrocosm and the microcosm. You see extraterrestrials, interterrestrials, hybrids and humans co-existing on this timeline on our planet that is constantly shifting across time, space, orbits, you name it!  Your personal life as you experience it or observe someone else’s has injustice.  The governments have injustices.  The interdimensional and intergalactic communities have injustice.  

Why do we all witness, hear of, and or experience injustice?…  Let’s go deeper.  It’s the same reason why people do black magic, which is how our names, “Bear and Rainbow” arrived to the dance.  This is what we are most known for, psychic protection, if you didn’t already know.  I had a medicine woman elder ask us why do people do black magic?  I straight up said, “It’s because they believe they are powerless.  They believe they have to steal everything from everyone.”  This elder did not understand what I said.  She kept talking like she heard noise, yet did not recognize what I said.  She continued to complain, but was not ready to hear the answer, especially from someone she perceived as young and unseasoned. How does this relate to parasiting off of other people and the environment?  

I asked you several times, or you were thinking / reading this, “How does this pertain to preventing parasitism?”  All these actions were stemming from lack.  The people were parasiting by stealing money, feeding egos, giving up power, and stealing power, stealing energy, breaking promises, ruining reputations and trust, stealing consciousness and memories, stealing land, stealing innocence, stealing bodies/ body parts, stealing souls, stealing privacy, stealing power, happiness, and peace of mind.  Sovereignty.  They infringe and steal sovereignty.  But it takes 2 to tango.  You give up your sovereignty.  Nothing is free.  You must fight to keep it in this life and dimension anyway. 

When you have a perception of lack, you will operate out of fear.  This is exhibited by fear, scarcity, war, duality, the need to be right, the need to have a right and wrong, operating out of the lower vibrations of fear, guilt, and shame.  Jealousy may be on the extreme end of being benign.  Murder may be on the extreme opposite end of being pure evil.  Other acts that may seem benign to the opposite end of the spectrum of the criminal end may seem unrelated.  Oh, on the contraire. 

Everything is related.  People who dance together are on the same wavelength.  The labeled predator and prey are indeed on the same wavelength.  One is not only the victim.  One is not only the predatory.  We all play both sometimes in our life dynamically.  This is how we learn, through switching up of roles.  It’s not good nor bad.  It’s how we learn, via experience.  This is living out of the perception of lack, evil, fear, domination, control, raiding, raping, stealing, lying, cheating, killing, blaming, complaining, victimhood, suffering. 

This lack paradigm glorifies operating out of the crisis mode.  Is this reality true?  If we ignore it, does it not exist, or is it negated? 

Let’s come back to this later.

When you have a perception of abundance, you will operate out of trust, love, and contribution. You will operate out of the win-win-win for all.  You will ask for what you want authentically in an empowered way because you know you can and will create it.  You will have a “more than enough” consciousness to make decisions and intentions that will benefit everyone on all levels for the long run, not quick, fake fixes.  You will make thoughts and choices that feel divinely joyful for you.  You will live more in the states of bliss, euphoria, ecstasy, expansiveness, an abundance of everything good in your life.  Of course, this comes with balance and discipline, not out of hedonism and imbalanced taking and abuse.  This abundance paradigm operates from your wisdom root, your higher self, your truth, your divine immortal and infinite godly soul that you are, all that is.  People who operate from here lift other people up, not out of lack or insecure ego, but for the joy of it!  They know and trust they are divine infinite beings who are sin free, worthy of love.  They have learned how to free themselves from the lack matrix manipulations of fear, rejection, humiliation, guilt, and shame, and “not enough” of anything desirable, both tangible and intangible.  They know their self-worth.  They have self-respect.  They don’t operate out of self-hatred which is what the Adamic human race has been programmed to do.  They operate mostly if not completely out of self-love.

How does this pertain to preventing parasitism?  That is the question of the day.  Here are some partial answers from me, as I know you also have your own additions to it.

So, beyond hippies, beyond corporations, I am addressing this as it applies to everyone!!! Systems and processes need to be addressed.  They need to be tweaked.  We cannot blame individual people.  We must look at values and culture to understand why individuals are held accountable or not.  We must look at the leadership or lack thereof.  I will now give clear cut examples.

You have no right to complain if you do not think 10 steps or more ahead.  If you do not ask for what you want clearly, you cannot blame others.  If you do not take responsibility to ask for stability, permanence, routine in your service providers, or your employees, or create an operations manual, then your complaints will be in sheer victimhood.  You must train people to what you want and need, not just criticize everyone.  They are not mind readers.  This applies to lovers, friends, family, the work place, etcetera.  And, people usually listen and follow through when they are held accountable.  This can be done via rewards and or consequences.  Don’t just complain and say nobody listens.  Give them a reason to listen and promote the desirable behaviors. It’s a plus when their character is such that they want to do the desirable behavior without you asking, manipulating, or demanding. 

You must clearly know what you do not want and what you do want.  Experiencing what you do not want empowers you to be so specific on what you DO WANT to manifest and how you want it.  Do not get angry at neighbors, co-workers, friends, family, or lovers when you have not lead by example with your clear expectations and boundaries.  Do not get angry at people who have not been trained or provided the adequate time and resources to do what you expect.  Provide them with more than ample time to be trained properly, the money and resources for them to get the job done properly. 

If you are not willing to look at yourself in how you contributed to these flaws or inadequacies, or undesirable situations, then you are setting everyone up for lose-lose.  Be proactive and ask yourself, “How can I make this successful and easier for everyone involved?  How can I make this a win-win for the highest and best good of all involved and for the long run?”  Do not leave it to chance and say, “You’re on your own, Holmes!”  Discern when it’s your part to elevate and improve a situation or when it’s someone else’s part to fix.  You don’t want to over give, nor do you want to under give.  Feel the balance in your heart at that moment and how much is for you to do/ give.  This is one of the lessons the heart chakra and the particular animal totem in that chakra has to offer in our REHAB Shamanic System attunements healing modality that we, Bear and I co-founded together.  REHAB stands for Revolutionary Eclectic Healing And Beyond. 

Ask the right questions.  Stop fighting out of ego.  Evolve beyond ego and see yourself saving the team/ group from drowning.  Their lives depend on you.  Yes the problems exist. 

Yes you can fix them by operating from the abundance matrix, not the lack matrix that created the problems to begin with.  You cannot solve the problem with the same mind that created the problem.  So you must ask the right questions, the empowering questions. 

Everything, the good, the bad, the middle is relevant and equally important.  Who’s perspective judges that?  What lens or mindset are you perceiving from?  If you vibrate from the highs of life, the win-win-win, the love, trust and abundance, you will create a reality of that more and more for everyone, including yourself, everyday, whether others know it or not you will uplift them, too. Tying it all together, we all can act parasitically when we feed it.  People are more prone to behave like parasites when they are sick or stressed.  This belief, or what I like to say,  PERCEPTION in lack is where all parasiting stems from.  All levels from extreme “evil,” to benign “insecurities,” this perception is where it all stems from.  People FEEL they lack power, love, time, energy, confidence, money, support, success, material things, popularity.  Your perception creates your reality.  This is how two people experience different realities in the same time-space continuum.  This is where integrating shadows and the alchemy of transcending and healing come in.  We can all heal ourselves of this ideology, disease, consciousness, programming, whatever you wish to label it. 

I, Rainbow, am meant to uncover shit.  Not just shameful acts, but even unhealed aspects of oneself.  This is one of my superpowers.  If you want to know your white noise holding your back, keeping you stuck from breaking the next glass ceiling of attaining a goal, a lover, some feeling like confidence, I may be the one to help you with this.  Contact me to see if it’s a match and we’ll see if we’re meant to move forward together in unearthing your triggers, I mean your treasures, from finding love, feeling confident, to obtaining certain goals in any aspect of your life.  You can go with any metaphysician, counselor, therapist, coach, or healer. 

How I differ is I bring you awareness of what it is that innately blocks your problems from being solved.  I’m not convenient.  I’m not comfortable.  But I will tell you what you need to hear in order for your desired changes to happen.  Let’s put it this way.  I had T. Harv Eker as one of my teachers.  He said there was no CEO training when he was up and coming.  So, he and his team taught a plethora of power packed classes such as warrior training, train the trainer, and business school.  My background of reclaiming your power and happiness is based on both the metaphysical-natural-universal-indigenous laws, and the corporate-business-physical reality.  I merge spirit and physical in how I translate your needs and solutions that are already within you. 

T. Harv Eker went on to say that when he has meetings, there absolutely has to be one, at least one change implemented.  Every meeting, on all levels, even if it is with the janitor has to have one improvement implemented, not just agreed upon and documented.  This is how he has grown an empire so fast.  If you took your life this seriously, imagine all the things you would already have in your character, in your business, in your relationships, in your bucket list life experiences! 

People can’t hide things around me.  It’s like I’m a magnet that sucks their darkness out, exposes it in the light, and then it burns up into transcendence.  Where there’s smoke there’s fire.  I am a fire element to say the least.  Do I want to or intend to do this?  Do I go out looking for this?  Hell no!  It’s my path.  It never fails.  Those who are guilty never remain around me.  Their downfall naturally accelerates in my presence without my knowledge or effort. 

I am one of the flame keepers of the Truth medicine.

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