The Gift

“He has the gift,” or “She has the gift.”  What is this gift?  

What does gift mean?  It is originating from Norse and Middle English related to give.  What is this gift that someone is giving?

Why do some people label others with the gift, but not others?

People’s pineal glands are closed, weak, small!  They are tiny as raisins when they are meant to be as big as golf balls.  This gland allows us to see with our 3rd or 1st eye.  In this inverted world where everything seems weaponized, the evil attempt to cap humans from their ascension and connecting with their divine power.  

I, Rainbow, think it’s ridiculous that people refer to supernatural, psychic, or healing abilities as a gift.  Everyone has the 6th sense.  Everyone can possess these capabilities though some are stronger.  This connection with the force can be honed.  Some people are born with it stronger and more intact than others.  

What am I referring to?  The psychic powers that some like to refer to others as gifts are our innate powers.  It is a myth that only special or chosen people have these traits.  Some people can see things that others think are invisible, able to see trans-dimensional spirits and beyond worlds, aka, clairvoyance.  Some people can hear.  Some can smell, taste, feel, or know.  Others have a combination of these abilities.  Others have all and even more powers like telekinesis.  These abilities are stronger in some individuals more specifically.  It’s like saying someone is great at fashion, or great at cooking.  Everyone has their specialty powers.

I wish people would wake up and realize we all have gifts and that we can use it to heal ourselves and others.  Stop believing the myth that you are powerless!!!  Realize, “real eyes,” that you have your own divine gifts and capabilities once you stop denying your innate power.  No one is more special, just more advanced, more in tune, more mastered, or more honed in.  Wake up!  Reclaim your powers, super or regular, they are yours once you accept and take them.

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