Toilet Bowl Readings

So you can tell a lot about a person’s aura and diet by looking at the toilet bowl and this graphene, black goo, whether it be a slimy film in the bowl, or particulates, whether they be gray or very black, of powder around  the metal chrome piping, it shows up on certain criminals’ toilets.  It shows up on people who are detoxing, or people who have heavier percentages of metals, graphene, and black goo in their diet.  The secret is they haven’t been telling you how the industry has been sneaking these into your diet or air.  You can do your own experiments, tests, and research at home.  

Go get a magnet and see what particulates you can pull in a solution of water when you crush up certain things such as dry Kellogs or General Mills cereal,coffee, over the counter pills, prescription pills.  When you see that the magnet pulls these metals it’ll be surprising for those of you who have never heard of this.  You can also do it on dry solids such as cereal like Kellogg’s, and dried instant coffee, or coffee contents from a K-Cup.  

You can also see other people doing these experiments on videos that they have publicized. Especially when people are sicker, laden with more toxins, the black goo film is outputted into the toilet more heavily and frequently than those who have less toxins, graphene, etc in their bodies.  Having a clean diet and lifestyle can really be indicated in toilet bowls!  Someone told me when she did a parasite cleanse what she saw in the toilet was traumatizing! I had someone tell me stranger things have happened because he got overwhelmed with this information.  I told him it’s normal I see the black goo often in other people’s toilets. And I see different things in criminals toilets versus children’s toilets when I discover certain moles at various schools. The aura leaves or doesn’t leave a certain residue when you are more innocent and pure of heart,  versus those embezzling money,  lying,  cheating,  stealing. Oh if they only knew…

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