Vampirism Was Passed Down To Us From Jade.

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“If the price that you pay far outweighs
the rewards that you receive for what
you put out, then something is wrong big
time and it becomes imbalanced. The
price you pay isn’t just money. It can be
your time, space, energy, freedom, work,
health, happiness, privacy, respect, dignity,
etcetera. The person who receives more than
she gives out, is in an imbalanced relationship.
This is a form of negative vampirism.

That was another one of the reasons why Jade,
a past teacher, and both of us had a fall out,
because after a while our price we paid, far
outweighed the rewards that we were receiving.

Vampirism was passed down to us from Jade.
We were not aware of it at the time, nor did
we understand it fully. Some people view this
as unpleasant. We don’t anymore. There are
many types of vampires, physical, psychic,
time, space, environmental, mystical, identity
theft, hacking, sabotaging, conspiring, and
more, in every corner.

Jade practiced negative vampirism by living
to drain others, and having desires to do so.
Around the age of 17, Jade, better known as
xxxxx at that particular time, practiced
vampirism while she hung out with other
vampires and people practicing it themselves.
Though at a chronologically young age, she
lived vast experiences in Los Angeles County
among celebrities, the ghetto, and occult circles.

The negative components of vampirism Jade
transferred has now been burnt out of us,
meaning erased and replaced with something
else. When we say negative components, we
mean, using vampirism for immoral,
self-serving reasons that are not of the highest
good of all.

Moral reasons to use vampirism for are to
heal and empower and liberate and enlighten.
We learned how to use vampirism to effectively
and effortlessly heal ourselves and others,
without hurting anybody, or ourselves.

By teaching vampirism for healing, other
psychic vampires out there will have the
option of healing themselves, and not have to
always succumb to their hunger, and be able
to develop their own internal healing force
for self-healing, and develop abilities to morally
obtain energy from the universe, rather than
maliciously draining other people, beings, and
the environment, as their means to an end. In
other words, people’s need to control other
people through manipulation and fear will
fade away because they will fill their need
with something else more positive. Some
people crave attention, and people kissing up
to them, like giving their power away to them
and bowing down to them. This is okay, but
when it gets to the point that it’s unhealthily
imbalanced, they better learn how to fulfill
themselves with God or
personal power. If not, that’s detrimental for
all parties.”

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