We The People Fighting Back The Transgender Agenda


Bear in this video speaks about people all over the United States and all over the world are fighting back against the Transgender Agenda from the Woke Mind Virus, and how do we all go about stopping this madness and heal and transcend this.


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To contact me, Bear, you can either email me at bear and rainbow @ protonmail.com, or go to https://www.facebook.com/BearandRainbowShamanicHealers and go to our inbox to contact me there with your name, phone number, email, the reason you are contacting me, the best time to call you, and where you are located at in order for me, or Rainbow to best serve you. Serious inquiries only.

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The Legend of Swordsman Jet Li English Full Movie (Transgender Shapeshifting Through Magick)

Gender Ideology Run Amok


Science, the Transgender Phenomenon, and the Young | Abigail Shrier


Irreversible Damage? | Abigail Shrier – Jordan B. Peterson Podcast S4 E11


Liberal Hivemind

Nyla Nguyen 


Shape Shifter


Alien Contactee Linol Anderson


Matt Walsh

Watch Matt’s hit documentary, “What Is A Woman?” here: https://utm.io/ueSdV

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