What is the difference between Healing Crisis and Intentional / Unintentional Psychic Attack?


What is the difference between Healing Crisis and Intentional / Unintentional Psychic Attack? Bear speaks in this video the differences between the Healing Crisis, or Healing Detoxification, and Intentional / Unintentional Psychic Attack. Oftentimes, these subjects have been misunderstood, even downright controversial, so Bear wanted to clarify the differences between those subjects, as well as some of the similarities they have. Bear will talk about the Healing Crisis from his knowing and his experience, and he will break down the differences between Intentional Psychic attack, and Unintentional Psychic Attacker. Bear teaches you how to deal with any of these situations when they arrive to you to experience. The biggest question that most people ask of us is: Is there any difference between Healing Crisis from Psychic Attack? Questions like this is the reason why Bear has put out this video, to clarify any misconceptions of the subjects, and also what kind of healings are out there, and what are the myths of healing, and what is the reality of healing.



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