Who Can Do Reiki?

Who Can Do Reiki?

Really anyone.  It is open to anyone and everyone regardless of anything from religion, to culture, to skill, or knowledge.  The more open your heart is, the more you are a vaster vessel to channel the Reiki power.  Even if you do not do Reiki hands on or beaming energy from your hands, your energy matrix, your aura still can heal others just by your very presence or just by  hearing your name, or not even your name, just hearing about you.

Why would someone do Reiki?

Some people, like myself, are on a journey of self healing and understanding.

Some people want to teach Reiki to others.

Some people want to heal others with Reiki.

Some people want to master their trade or craft of Reiki, or various healing modalities.

Some people love to grow themselves and their energetic and psychic powers.

Some people want to give back after they themselves have received the benefits of living Reiki, and being Reiki. 

Maybe someone was healed, or healed their disease with Reiki.  

Maybe, someone’s lifestyle drastically improved as a result of the Reiki philosophies or principles.  

Maybe someone’s inner peace was enough to continue to live and promote Reiki for the betterment of themselves and others.

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