Who Is Living Amonst Us?


Art imitates reality.

The occultists have to show or tell you what they’re doing before they do it. People think the mainstream news and television, aka, tell lie vision “tv,” and movies, and concerts are just entertainment or information. Matrix is decoded as someone said, “mama tricks,” tricks perpetrated on Mother Earth. When you realize, real eyes, they are telling us what they’re doing in the movies is truth, and their mainstream news is lies for the most part, then you can over and inner stand more clearly how this inverted world works.

I sure am hoping after the pole shift we don’t have to be so guarded and fend for ourselves, to constantly clear and protect ourselves on all levels because most of the fear based contructs and entities will be eradicated. But we must ascend as a collective and continue to wake up more and more fully.

I had a dream of people who were in the life of children and teenagers. At first it was like they were friends and family, at school, outside of school, hanging out, living their lives. These people who kept coming and in out of the children and young adults lives were constantly monitoring them in person or on screen unknowingly. At the end, it was discovered by the children these were not humans. They were AI, robotoids, posing as humans, and were called out to be their handlers. Some of you heard of the term handlers, some of you may not. Handlers are here to control you, watch you what say and do to ensure you are playing by the rules of the fear matrix they have established so that you do not think for yourself, do not really accomplish your soul, your higher self’s peace, actualization, or evolution into ascension. They are here to make sure you remain consciously capped. The sad part of this dream is that humans are surrounded by these AI with malevolent intent, more like swarmed, more like half of the inhabitants or more were fake synthetica handlers co-existing with the real humans who still have their souls intact.

Then I saw the bi-pedal reptilian lizards, which looked like dinosaur but scaley walking around preying on humans.

To those who are still asleep or choose to live in denial, the world is not what it shows you to be. For those who say, “Oh it’s just a dream!” There are people who experience this things already and are aware of what they experienced. That’s why they know its truth because of their personal experiences, like ourselves.

Be vigilant, know that you have the power to withstand and overcome anything and everything. That is why they want you and your power.


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