Archia Alonis: State of Address

Archia Alonis: State of Address
Friday, April 3, 2009

Dear Society,

Good morning to all! This is Archia Alonis once again, well for the first time anyway on this website,, but not the first time channeling through Bear and or Rainbow.

I’m here to give you another wake up call, because many of you are still living in disillusion and fear, especially the ones that need to hear this message the most. I was once a Seraphim not too long ago and now I have graduated on to being an Archia and a Principality, due to my family tree and graduations. (Archia is a female counterpart to the Archangel). I am doing my part to elevate, to kick, or jump start you to higher levels of evolution as necessary to graduate into the next dimensions.

Why am I doing this, you ask? Well, I used to travel around and work here many eons ago and just recently I have returned. I used to work here when the female counterpart or consciousness was truly equal to the male counterpart consciousness on your planet. Not many people can fathom this today. Imbalance of patriarchy, imbalance of matriarchy, imbalance of your governments power compared to the people’s power is just a few examples of what I’m here to aide in restoring the balance of.

The problem is many of you, the majority of you are resisting the changes that need to happen because you’d rather be stuck in the lower vibrational frequencies which are not contributing to the rest of the world, and your universe for that matter. Many institutions, many paradigms, are dying off due to the fact that they are no longer serving to sustain a higher purpose.

The time is now for everyone to reclaim their power that you have given away a long time ago without your own awareness.
Certain media outlets thrive on keeping the same very information that I am telling you from being broadcasted, but all they are doing is keeping their grip on you with their perpetual brainwashing.

For some you, this is too scary to think of, so you would rather go on living and accepting what the few, corrupt, elitist have lead you to believe as your reality. Go outside of your country, for some of you to go outside of your small town is too scary as is, already.

Go look at a different type of news that is not mainstream. Go research news that is from different countries’ perspectives, if you weren’t already. You’d be surprised that certain media is “real” news, and other media is brainwashing to “dumb you down” news, to keep you under the control of their thumb news.

This is disempowering, but you, and no one else has the responsibility of educating yourselves to get the different truths that are circulating in mainstream media and alternative media, and using your critical thinking and intuition all at the same time.

Just because one person says it is so may or may not be that it is so. I am asking you to look within, pray to the Creator, the Divine with and without yourselves for guidance. Only your hearts can tell you what to believe, but many of you have shut off your 6th senses after a certain young age of being programmed to tell you that it is bad to see, hear, feel, know, and sense certain things.

Well, if you don’t learn how to tap into your own again and hone it, you always be lead by someone else, never knowing how to trust yourself. It is not about buying into someone else’s beliefs. It is all about opening your hearts and re-activating what is dormant as your eternal power source, your heart and soul, or whatever label you wish to call it.

Even if you no longer have a joy in living, a desire to move forward with the ensuing hardships in this life, you can change that. You can find the gusto to live again, no matter who you are and where you’re at. Everything and anything that has been taken away from you, or that you have given away, can be reclaimed. Your zest for life can be reclaimed.

You can and will have a reason to care again. Your right to justice, to privacy, to liberty, to minimum wage, to freedom of speech, to welfare, to happiness can be reclaimed.

The catch is, you have to be willing to do the work. The word free is never really free. There is a balance, a circle of harmony in the micro and macro way of looking at things. Balance and karma work itself out.

Imagine this, you are like a cell within a human body. You need to be balanced and healthy for the entire body to function in balance and harmony.

If you fuck yourself over by being lazy, abusive, and just irresponsible in all avenues you should be taking responsibility for in your life, you are like a cancer cell making the entire human body sick. You either need to heal and balance your life, or we need to get rid of you, the cancer, because you are bringing everybody down with you.

So there is no time for dawdling around. Your thoughts, your beliefs, your actions directly impact your brothers and sisters, your world, your planet, the universe. Shit or get off the pot, because it’s either you do or don’t, there is no try. This is how imperative these necessary shifts are for your life to continue, for your children’s grandchildren lives to continue.

The other angels and myself are merely guides. You have your free will. Change your heart, change your soul, change the fate of the universe. Yes, you, even though you may be one out of billions, out of trillions have a say so in the lifespan of your planet.

If you abuse yourself, you are abusing all of us. If you love yourself, you are loving all of us. Remember this, the word ‘evil’ is the word ‘live’ spelled backwards. I implore you, which way are you willing to change to affect all of life around you?

I am Archia Alonis. I am very busy. Call upon me for help when you need me. I look forward to working with those who live for positive change for your human race.

Bye, my friends. And thank you Rainbow for channeling this message for the right people to receive. Please circulate this message around too as many people as you can freely. Thank you, my friends. Goodbye.

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