Bigu, Be Good For You

Bigu, Be Good For You
By Rainbow Heart Freedom Eagle © May 2006

Hello, do you ever feel like there has to be a better answer to all the discomforts and sufferings in this human experience? Let’s start as simple as breathing, moving, eating, coloring, and not thinking. So many people need better sleep, better diet, better friends, better job, a better lifestyle, period. Let’s start with the inside out. We all want to look and feel young, right? Isn’t that a key to happiness and that we’re doing something right in our lives? I’d like to share some secrets as to why Shaolin monks and yogis live simply, yet powerfully.
Just because these masters have titles doesn’t mean that you’re not entitled to live your life this way, too. We Americans like to talk about vacations. Everything, even the so-called vacations we plan revolve around eating and doing activities. That is tiring, wear and tear on our bodies. We rest, sleep, play, and take breaks. A lot of us continue to work hard even on our breaks. The body needs to periodically and regularly rest from digesting food and running around like maniacal chickens with their heads cut off, trying to be superman or superwoman to all. Food is nourishing. But sometimes the body intuitively knows when it has to detoxify itself from accumulated toxins created by stress, environment, living, and eating. We take a shower to have good hygiene and health. We need to remember that our body needs an internal shower, too. This is why so many youth and adults in the United States have morbidities such as type II diabetes, don’t look and feel as radiant as they should, and why the emotional, mental, spiritual, social, psychological, physical, and more aspects of our lives are not as balanced as we wish. Sleeping and showering are maintenance for the body to rest and cleanse.

Bigu is maintenance, too. Bigu is a chance for the body to rest and cleanse powerfully on the internal and soul level, in addition to all aspects of yourself simultaneously. Do you ever wonder why we look like shit sometimes? That is the rubbish that you and your body are sorting through, shedding that happens naturally as a result of experiencing life and it’s lessons. Healing is sometimes ugly and destructive too, before it gets beautiful and smooth. Healing is everything, it’s all cyclical, inevitable and unconditional. Sure people may take care of their bodies through healthy food, cardiovascular exercise, toning, strengthening, endurance, meditation, good hygiene, goal setting, and virtuous acts, but there’s more.

Bigu takes into account that all your bodies, physical, spiritual, you name it, need to shed the toxins accumulated by all your bodies. It’s at a point where make-up, plastic surgery, and clothes won’t cover up the toxins and excrement that is starting to show through your pores, through your eyes. Dullness, blotchiness, and just not being radiant is a good sign you need to rejuvenate with bigu. I’m not going to lie to you, it can be a burn out when you’re first starting this regimen. But how come the masters, like the monks don’t get burnt out doing it on a daily basis, how many hours a day? That’s because they already live that way. It is not part of something they schedule in, it is their lifestyle. It can be overwhelming at first because we are not yet programmed to take into account every breath, every movement, every thought, every surrounding that affects us during this bigu time. But once you start, even if it’s only baby steps, commitment is the number one key to your success. Once you’re conditioned, it’s easy!
Bigu literally means “grain,” or “grains” in Chinese. It also means, “too chi filled to eat.” Chi is energy. You feel full because you’re high on energy from the qigong and other exercises. During bigu, you abstain from all grains and starches because it is too much yang, or fire element. We all detox and get more balanced by avoiding foods the master tells us to avoid during this bigu regimen. The reason bigu is more emphasized over a hard core fasting with no food at all is because if you are on a mini, or half fast, ie, bigu, where you do eat only your individually prescribed foods, it’s easier on all your bodies to successfully heal and rejuvenate itself. You get more energy from eating, too, and it’s only your individually prescribed healing foods you are allowed to eat. Psychologically, physiologically, and on all levels, this regimen is gentle and arduous at the same time on your body and your time. You’re more likely to achieve all the benefits of healing your own ailments, from cancers, to diabetes, to cleansing, rejuvenating, and strengthening from your inner core out because it’s not as harsh on all your bodies as a strict fast. It’s like trying to release a knife from a baby’s hand, in order to successfully get the knife out of the baby’s hand and not hurt the baby, you need to be gentle with the baby.

The master gives you prescribed colors, directions like southwest and north, numbers, foods, times of the day to rest and exercise, ratio of elements, and qigong exercises specifically to put your whole constitution into balance for that period, which can last a week, or change on a daily basis. You eat, breathe, sleep, your individually prescribed instructions. You “eat” this energy to sustain you from eating only small portions of food. The first time you do bigu, it can last 2 weeks or months. Regularly it is recommended once a month for shorter periods like 3-6 days, every month, light maintenance. Maybe once or twice a year you can do the full out 18 days to months. The deep cleaning bigu is like going to the dentist twice a year! But you do light cleaning bigu maintenance, 3-6 days once a month forever, just like how you’re responsible to brush your teeth nightly. I’ve mentioned the master quite a few times.

This system is headed by the triad of Medicine Buddha, Quanyin Buddha, and Grandmaster Qinyin Zhang. This is where you receive universal energy signals during your qigong exercises, ie, slow moving meditation exercises. This is where you can ask guidance and support to determine what your individually prescribed healing foods, colors, numbers, etc. are for the day, as you start each morning. The number of days to half, or mini-fast, ie, bigu is also determined by the masters, because each person can handle different treatments at different times. The longer the more beneficial because it has to have time to detox from the skin to the muscles to the bone, to the bone marrow and blood itself, and this takes time to get to the deepest level. If you don’t follow your prescribed instructions, your healing will be superficial, hence you earn what you work for. You can look and feel worse during bigu, but it’s evidence of you detoxing, this is called the “healing crisis period” during any and all type of healing processes, spiritual and physical. It’s like exercising after being dormant from exercise, you get sore at first. It’s like women who go through cosmetic surgery. You go through a period where you need to hide from the outside environment to protect your energy because you’re more frail at this time, but in the healing end, you’re more radiant, strong, and healthy! It is so worth it on all levels. You save time cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, eating, money, and your weekly trash is dramatically reduced. Bigu is for all people, all ages, all backgrounds, with or without all and every type of disease. You will lose a lot of un-needed weight, or gain if that is what your natural state needs. Qinyin guarantees you will look 10 years younger in 2 months, if you follow her prescribed instructions to you. I’ve seen people shift at this retreat that at certain moments they became younger in minutes, right before my eyes.
It is really worth it though to experience Grandmaster Qinyin in Canoga Park, California for her Fundamental Healing Retreat over 4 days. She chooses not to give you a one time healing, or a fish for one meal. She teaches you a jam-packed course, how to fish for yourself and vehemently encourages you to teach this lifestyle with all who desire healing in a dedicated and deeply healing way. My philosophy is the same. You make more of an impact by creating teachers, not followers.

This needs to be the new lifestyle, especially for Americans, who even raise children with obesity and diabetes. This is the only generation where the youth are currently more unhealthy than their parents, how disgustingly imbalanced is that! If our nation is supposed to be a leader, we need to eradicate self-propagated degenerative diseases and heal ourselves effectively before we do the same with others. Our lifestyle is the blueprint for excellent health. Take action because you are worth excellent quality of life and health.

“Healing—It Is All That Is” ~SBTH

© May 2006

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