It’s Not Selfish To Love Yourself

When in martial arts class the teacher said it’s selfish if we do not warm up. What was meant by that is when you go to spar you might have a limited range of flexibility which may cause injury in the other person or yourself if you do not stretch or warm up properly. It could cause unnecessary harm.

When taking care of my elderly client, it really touched me when she said, “I need to be strong for my daughter. If I lose it physically and mentally and I get sick, I will become a burden on her.”

To see oneself as not affecting the world or those around you is limited it can be selfish. You really do make more of a difference than you realize. At times we all need to be reminded when you make yourself happy by listening to your inner voice, or divine guidance, you’re making the world a better place. When you heal and empower yourself and make better decisions for yourself that are healthier, balanced, long-term, and for the highest best and good of all, you really are helping all those other people around you. No one wants to be drained by grumpy people.

The more you heal, empower, educate, enrich, nourish, flourish, in joy, the more you are contributing value to the world and being less of a burden. So, it’s not selfish To love yourself. You’re directly lifting everyone up with your self care. Fill your cup, and when you have more to share, do so!

Rainbow Heart Freedom Eagle

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