Healing is not Linear

Have you ever felt instant, illogical rage or fear when you encountered a stranger but didn’t know why?  I’ll come back to this at the end of this article.

All lives matter.

All timelines matter.

When you heal yourself, you can find that more skeletons come out of the closet.  Yikes!

Why would you want to continue on your self-healing journey if you will expect more trauma to pop out asking to be healed?  That is undesirable.  That is too much work.  That is a drag.

Sometimes you think you forgot about certain traumatizing situations that happened in your past.  If it pops up, the body is telling you, you are ready to heal it.  We don’t always consciously choose the time to have it presented to us.  The body doesn’t lie, it will tell you the truth.  If trauma happened and you had it suppressed, it will express itself when the time is ripe for you to be aware, acknowledge, forgive, and heal it, period.

It doesn’t have to be logical to you or make sense but when you experience “miraculous” healings, or prosperity demonstrations, you will know.  Those who know, know.  You wouldn’t over and inner stand until after you have experienced it yourself.

Here’s an example of the body knowing truths before you consciously know yourself.

When I was at a conference, we were being released for our lunch break.  A friend had his arm hurt with sudden pain when we went to lunch.  As we reconvened for the next activity immediately after lunch, the  activity was revealed.  We were to break wood as we did karate chops with our bare hands!  As soon as my friend found out, his pain in his arm disappeared.  His body was anticipating, knowing what was coming up.

Here’s another example.

When you have a pattern of injuring the same location in your body, repeatitively, over and over, getting to the root is essential to inner and overstanding how to heal it for that particular individual and his or her situation.  Getting to the root also applies to healing patterns of behaviors and relationships. What do I mean by root?  Let’s go deeper with more examples.

I know someone who has an issue with constantly being dehydrated.  No matter what she does, her body refuses to absorb the hydration.  Our mutual teacher revealed to her that in another one of her lives, she was drowned, hence affecting this lifetime, explaining why her body rejects water.  Once she healed this energetic blockage, carried on from her past life, her body was more ready to absorb water so she was properly hydrated.

Akashic records will show you your other lives, timelines, past, present, future, parallel, and even dopplegangers of yourself.  Time travel, quantum jumping, there are many different names for similar phenomena that could help you heal other aspects of yourselves in othe lifetimes or timelines.

So, essentially, we are healing in the current lifetime, and also you are healing yourselves and your ancestors in other timelines and lifetimes simultaneously.  And you didn’t think that you mattered, that you didn’t make any difference!

When a person is overwhelmed with trauma, it is compartmentalized to be able to handle it and deal with life.  It can and usually pops up out of the blue when the individual is ready to face and heal certain truths about herself and her past.  Little by little, your body, your higher self will give it to you in installments that you can handle.  This is why it seems like we spiral and heal the same issue over and over, but deeper and different layers of the same herring.

I said I’d come back to this at the end of this article.  Have you ever felt instant, illogical rage or fear when you encountered a stranger but didn’t know why?  It could be residual ill feelings from another life of murder, war, betrayal, or anything else.  

On a brighter note, it is an opportunity to heal yourself and others from your other lives and timelines!  Happy healing, from one adventure to another!  There are always infinite aspects of yourself to discover!

Rainbow Heart Freedom Eagle

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