How do we create more evolution?

How do we create more evolution?

People have different perspectives. We each view the world from different lenses. Whether it be paradigms, programmings, life experiences, culture, traditions, socioeconomic status, other lifetimes, bloodlines, extraterrestrial lineage and beyond. Some people like to focus on conflicts in their personal life, some in their communities, some on the institutions, some on politics, some national, international, some on galactic levels, some on the exo-politocal intergalactic forefront.

Some conversations cannot allow as much growth as others would like because of thought processes that are more open and those that are more closed. What do I mean? If one focuses on tunnel vision such as only one aspect instead of how everything is interconnected and interrelated there will be blockages and lack of desired communication due to misunderstanding.

Some people get offended and live in fear, literally walking on eggshells in life, as if life happens to them, instead of for them. They view the world more with a lens of fear or victimhood. This is not bad, it’s an over and inner standing of what consciousness they operate from.

When we can meet people where they are, they will be more willing to open up, and heal themselves, hence any and all aspects in our world. Whether that be in hurt, or pain, or tribulations, we must know who we are talking to and what state of consciousness they are currently operating from, in addition to their innate personalities.

When there is nothing to forgive, there is no necessity to apologize or ask for permission.
There is frequency of unity, then on the other hand, us versus them, which can cause conflict and war. We can respect and have compassion for one another no matter where we are at. It’s okay to be out of alignment with each others views without shaming, guilting, or blaming. Ones experiences or understanding is not invalidated. We all have truths, even if its its partial truths. We need to be ok with others being different from us, and allow others to change their minds and grow. Just be.

When we remember to return to our peace, love, our power.

We are all one. We are all related. This is forgotten at times. This forgetfulness is one reason we have wars. Another reason is because it’s how we grow, evolve, and remember.
When we change ourselves, what we don’t want can no longer be our realities. We have the power to create what we want. It is a remembering of this and of who and what we really are, again , and again and again. The outer world is a mirroring of what is going on inside ourselves.

No matter where we are in our journeys it’s always forgiving, growing, remembering.
YOU can break this generational curses. YOU can be the one to heal, release, forgive, transcend, and reclaim our sovereignty, your happiness restore your balance. We all want to be free, to be happy, to feel great, to exist in love and above states of consciousness.

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