How to Choose a Healer?

How to Choose a Healer?

We can’t tell you. You must discover this on your own. Sometimes your preferences can change depending on the issue and goal you are working on, and or the spiritual evolution you’ve grown into over time.

What are you looking for? What is the goal? Are you healing a physical and or emotional issue? Are you solving a certain problem or healing a certain illness/ injury?

Are you looking for someone honorable or with integrity? Or are you just looking for someone to get the results you want? What your definition of integrity may be different to other people’s because we all have different values.

What are you pet peeves?

What are your values? Does he or she have to have the same values as you?

Do you feel trust with him/ her? Why? What beliefs do you have in common?

Does the person feel genuine to you? Does it matter, or do you just want to get what you want?

Are you looking for someone cheaper for free, like a student or intern? Are you looking to do a trade?

Are you looking for someone experienced who tells you want to hear and spoils you?
Are you looking for someone experienced who kicks you in the butt to your next levels of transformation, tough love? Everyone has a different preference.

Is it important for you that this person actually is a living example of what they practice? Or can they just perform on you, but not apply it on themselves? Usually people who are more expensive are those that practice what they preach. Everyone knows everything. Only a few apply it. You get paid for what you live—your lifestyle—you’re daily living example, not what you know.

Do you believe this person can deliver? Do you believe you can deliver? Do you feel this person has the connection with you to support you to transform? Do you prefer a strong connection with someone, or someone who can deliver results? Or do you want both the connection and the results?

What is the most powerful solution? Who is the most powerful healer/ therapist/ teacher/ coach? Instead of asking who or what is the most powerful, why not try asking this instead: “What intervention do I need right now and with whom?” Powerful is not always what we need. Sometimes we just need to be listened to, loved, or learn, or become aware. Sometimes we just need a compassionate, gentle approach, or a space to just BE and do nothing. It just depends on the timing and your needs.

So, these are just a few questions to get the ball rolling. Get clarity with yourself and discover along the way what suits you at this time. As you evolve and your needs change, your choices can change, too. Just be flexible in your growth instead of punishing yourself or judgmental. How you view yourself and the world will change, especially with the problems you face and overcome.

(Last revised July 14, 2018)

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