Why Does One Become a Healer?

Why Does One Become a Healer?

People may have misconceptions that healers can do magic and heal other people’s diseases away, or control the weather. Someone may be born with these gifts easily. Others may have to work at honing it.

As un-elegant as it sounds, being is healer is responsibility.

The trite and true adage, with great power comes great responsibility. You will never understand it until you have walked this path.

What it means to be on this path of healer is self-transformation. The only way a healer can help others is because he or she has successfully conquered certain obstacles himself or herself. Essentially, you can receive a treatment but not change yourself, or you can have lasting results because you transformed yourself. What do I mean, transform? You have healed limiting beliefs that the diseases or problems in your life are solved and healed because you changed the way you think about them, hence your feelings and actions coincide. To live as a healer is to have a lifestyle change. Change is uncomfortable and unpopular. Change can be worthwhile if you work at earning your desired outcomes.

There are turning points in our life that cause us to want to live our lives in a more purposeful way.

One’s sickness can instigate a journey of self-healing.

Sometimes the death or an accident of a loved one impacts us to follow our dreams. Why does it take something so severe for us to change? Comfort zones are more dangerous discomforts. Slithering along in mediocrity or comfort allows us to stagnate.

People are happy when they grow. This is what makes life meaningful. We have a need to grow and even contribute. The WHY, the life purpose is what you are put here on earth to do. Most people never discover what their reason for living is. This just take up space and get old.
Loss, is the biggest reason people change.

People can lose their loved ones, their ability to walk, their trust in people. When this happens, people lose their old perceptions of the world and be awakened to other truths that can never be unseen or unheard again. When one is exposed to certain situations, it is hard to revert back to the old self without being insane.
Adverse situations, they’re uncomfortable but can be used as catalysts for change.

When accidents or misfortunes happen, things are awakened. One’s sense of awareness can be heightened, like psychic abilities or urgency to accomplish or contribute to a cause. Sometimes when one is hurt, revenge is the driving force behind accumulation in power and or retaliation.
When accidents happen, psychic senses can be extremely heightened like never before.
When near death experiences happen, your reality of who and what you are can cause you value what you didn’t before.

When you’re sick and tired of the crap that you’ve been put through, short term or long term, you can have a breaking point. You can be tired of feeling powerless, unhappy, abused, or whatever negative feelings.

Breaking points can happen for two kinds of catalysts. It can be a one time or a series of intense, severe, crises that is one’s breaking point. Or, it can also be a habitual pattern of long, drawn out series of drudgery lifestyle that is now unnoticeable but accepted as your norm.
Healing is not just merely receiving a treatment from someone.

True, deep healing is change. Transformation is uncomfortable but worthwhile.

Why do people want change? Maybe a loved one died and they say to themselves, “I cannot waste my life. My loved one would’ve told me how precious life is on his or her deathbed and to make the most of it. Do what makes me happy and that in turn is giving back to the world in a positive way.”
Maybe someone was violated, robbed, assaulted, and no longer wants to live in fear. Maybe they don’t want to live in anger. Maybe they are living in anger. Either way, this person may want to reclaim their power, peace of mind and happiness.

Maybe a debilitating disease or condition has caused someone to lose function of certain organs or limbs. That could be painful enough to want to commit suicide, or find a better way of living.

A mentor of ours once said, “The bigger the pain, the bigger the power.”

I can relate. The more I have lost or given away, the more painful it is. At the same time, the more rewarding it is when I reclaim my power and happiness.
Misfortunes, revenge, reclamations, enlightenment are all different reasons which can be interconnected in why a person becomes a healer.
We are meant to be happy, prosperous, powerful. Prosperity is wholeness. Healing is wholeness, is holistic. Prosperity is wholeness in peace of mind, health, and plenty. Holistic healing entails every aspect of you, mind, body, and spirit. So a person who is healing is making himself or herself more whole. How do you become whole? What imbalance in disease or problem is God asking you to come back to balance, to wholify yourself?
What is the meaning of this crisis that you are undergoing? What creative opportunities does this pain present at the crossroads of your life at this moment?

(Last revised July 14, 2018)

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