Make a Difference

“In a world of deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

The norm is corruptness, injustice, the unspoken norm of slithering by, and don’t ask, don’t tell.

When one person stands up and wants to make improvements for the highest good of all, it’s called controversial.  Everyone is too chicken shit these days to make a stand for justice.

Fear of losing their job, fear of losing their friends/ family, fear of losing face, fear of being wrong, fear of rejection.

When dysfunctional things don’t work, that is opportunity for improvement.  The chinese character for crisis is the same character for opportunity.

When things get too big in the bureacracy, or corporations, or any system, things are more easily to far awry.  When I had lost so much of my paycheck on several days taking days off my job, waiting for internet service providers to install internet at our home several years ago, I went above everyone’s heads all the way to the corporate office across the United States to New York.  

We thought it was all done in vane.  Little did we know 2-3 years later, I had the head of New Mexico calling me offering to rectify this series of dismal service attempted rendered on several attempts.  

Ironically, it was a time that our current internet service provider was failing in more ways than one.  I was shocked, in disbelief, thinking it was a prank. I bypassed all the bullshit systems and had the head of my state chasing me, offering me restitution on their part.  Wow, 2-3 years later?! Who operates that slowly?! Well, obviously big entities do.  

My part for justice was taken into account, not in vane, and was rectified for all involved.  All the customers were now receiving better service because I pointed out more than 10 of the deficiencies that happened 2-3 years prior.  This company could have said, “Who cares!” and thrown my suggestions and experiences in the trash. Instead, they took it to heart and I witnessed them clean house by their actions and improvements.  

Now that I look back, they should’ve paid me for pointing out succinctly, and clearly where all their services were falling through the cracks of their systems.  I tied all their corporate buildings together across the United States by speaking up. Did I do it in slander? No, I did it in hopes to receive better service. No, they did not have my business 3 years prior, but they did, 3 years after, and I was a pleased and pleasantly surprised customer!  All I did was state where all their breakdown in communication and their multiple systems were failing out of frustration and a desire for better service in a 2-3 page letter/ report.

Even if you think you are not making a difference, you are!!!  Someone may tell you sooner or later, you may find out, or you may never know the impact you make.  One thing’s for sure. Your higher self, your subconscious knows the impact that you really make.

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