Another One

“In a world of deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

The norm is corruptness, injustice, the unspoken norm of slithering by and don’t ask, don’t tell.

When one person stands up and wants to make improvements for the highest good of all, it’s called controversial.  Everyone is too chicken shit these days to make a stand for justice.

Fear of losing their job, fear of losing their friends/ family, fear of losing face, fear of being wrong, fear of rejection.

When dysfunctional things don’t work, that is opportunity for improvement.  The chinese character for crisis is the same character for opportunity.

Minding my own business, doing what I am suppose to do, ironically it stirs up trouble.  Why, and with who? Of course, you guessed it! People who are dicking around and don’t wanna look bad because they are not doing what they are supposed to do in all environments, work, business, church, civics, global society, you name it.  When you mind your business, their shit work makes them desperately look petty, overextending themselves to infect others with their ill intent.

Hey, they have no one to blame but themselves.  The best part is letting them fall on their own swords they like to egotistically brandish around so much.  Leave them alone and watch them poison their own lives.  

Universal law dictates you get back what you put out.  If you steal, things are stolen from you. If you criticize, people will criticize you.  If you are kind to people, people will be kind to you. If you open your heart towards some, some will open their hearts towards you.

There is such thing as mob mentality.  Not everyone is a leader, a true leader anyway, one that is just and honorable for the highest and best good of all.  It’s more common and easier to follow others, even when who others are following are full of shit and dishonorable.  

If you create dissension, that will be the fall of you.  It is a win-win to work together, cooperate harmoniously.  The reason most people or managers do not operate this way is because their egos are too big and they are insecure, doing things for the wrong reasons.  Even when people in positions of perceived power or title holders are supposed to be responsible for leading, taking care of everyone physically, emotionally, professionally, fairly, it rarely happens these days.  This value needs to be valued, prioritized for it to be the norm in our world.  

The problem is people feel small, void, hopeless, and helpless, that even the manager or people in positions of power abuse their power by turning a blind eye or deaf ear just to keep their money and position.  It will eventually and always does come back to bite them in the ass.  

A lot of the times, people have bad attitudes, hate their lives, have no motivation for living, and sabotage everything they touch.

This is an opportunity for self-understanding, self-discovery, self-mastery.  They are like this because they don’t understand who and what potential they really have to offer.  They act like angry, hopeless victims and haven’t yet learned that they, too, can wield their own power.

Yes, stand up for the good you believe in.

Yes, know when to back off and let the snakes eat the snakes.  

Listen to that intuitive ebb and flow in your heart.

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