Psychic Attack During Sacred Times?


Bear And Rainbow speak about people getting psychic attacks during their or other sacred times, and what you can do to get passed it.

We are fundraising to get our psychic protection workbook published for you & the world. If we have impacted your life in any way & your heart calls you to, donate for this Project & beyond… Donate here:…


Donated money will go to Bear And Rainbow, LLC, towards time freedom to allow Bear & Rainbow to spend time creating, promoting, and distributing these personal development products. It will also go towards recording studio time, rental, experts, copyrights, trademarks, patents, enlisting multiple experts in creating, manufacturing, publishing the audios, workbooks, videos, equipment fees, basic office supplies such as ink, paper, internet, printer. Bear & Rainbow have several projects which are all personal development training with shamanic healing spin to all of them. Bear & Rainbow currently offer in person workshops and or sessions. The money for this wish list is to create independent, home-study courses in video, audio, digital print, and physical print formats. They all need to be revised, finalized, and published. The heart of these programs all revolve around their signature system, Attract Loving Relationships: Heal & Prevent Psychic Attack for emerging healers who are struggling with bullying and black magic so they can feel peace and control over their relationships & their psychic abilities.

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