The Interview: Who are you being?

Let’s go deeper when it comes to the trite and true adage, “You reap what you sow.”

I’ve seen complaints for this substance addiction recovery center.  Past clients and their families have called out management and said they are just in it for the money and that they truly did not help.  Is that true? We can do research on that. But I am not too concerned with that this moment.  

I am more concerned on the consciousness.  How are you and your organization supposed to heal other people when you yourself have not reached a certain level of understanding yourselves?  Your institution, staff, and employees may theoretically look good on paper, but it has not clicked in your nervous system, on the cellular level, in your DNA, in the energy field that you radiate around your physical body.  Sometimes it’s not even what you know, or your experience, it’s who you know that get you in. Paper, certificates, titles, positions, and number of years put in are great and can earned. At the same time, there is a being that one possesses on how she or he operates in the world.  Who are you being?

What I am talking about creates all the problems in this life, from politics, to social rights, to  illness/ wellness, to community issues, environmental issues, to terrorist threats, suicide rates, ethics, spirituality— everything you name it.  

These clients who need healing from their addictions are just like you and I.

If you treat them like they’re broken they will be broken.  But it goes beyond that. If you look at your employees like they’re broken that’s how they will act around you.  If you perceive your world’s reality from a lens of broken, then you and everything and everyone responds accordingly.  

Most people don’t know how to love themselves, deeply, fully, unconditionally.  This is why you cannot expect them to give it to other people. You cannot expect it from them not because they’re bad people, but because they may not currently have that capacity or ability to. 

I was shut down, badly, and unprofessionally at an interview.  The panel was embarrassed at how this colleague of theirs conducted herself, that the babysitting job they were insisting on pushing on me, they didn’t bother to follow up if I was even interested in that other job.  I was asked what my contributions would be if I got hired here. After I listed my strengths, the lady who could’ve been my future supervisor raised her voice and was almost yelling at me. Energetically she was angry because she didn’t like my answers.  She was angry because I didn’t give empty words, I actually radiated I was congruent with how I felt on my inside with the words that came out of my mouth. I didn’t talk to give people what they wanted to hear. I spoke with the conviction that this is already how I live with life with or without your authority.  She said, “You will never be……..You will never have……..” and went off on her rampage of all the bullet points that I listed as my strengths, then said she shut down the interview without the permission or feedback of the other panel members conducting the interview. Too little, too late, one chimed in, “You don’t have 2 years experience.”  Well, if this was the point, you could’ve led with that, instead of your colleague tantrumming on her tirade of how miserable her job is. I was taken aback. Never in my life have I ever experienced any job interview that was less than graceful, polite, and professional!

I knew it wasn’t about me.  I have and run a business that I love.  Whether it be in my job, my business, my personal life, I already operate in this way that I stated to them even before I walked in their door that would change my life.  I asked God and my guardian angels, “Why did you have me interview there if my would-have-been supervisor hated me?” I heard the answer, “We wanted you to see how far you’ve grown.”  I sighed and laughed.   

This question I asked earlier, “Who are you being?”  That lady who attacked me at the interview was being the very exact opposite thing of what they say they are looking for to hire in an employee: professional, great communicator, leader, teamplayer.  

The answers I gave them came from “more than enough” consciousness.  Here are some of the principles I believe in. Always give more than your fair share because you choose to.  Why not? It will come back to you. View other people as capable, willing to improve, and respectable. When you treat people with respect, they’ll  treat you with respect. When you view people as already succeeded, they will succeed if not now, eventually, just because you added that extra power of your mind of already knowing they are enough, or more than enough even before they themselves realize it.  

If you expect conflicts and problems, that is your reality.  What this lady told me made me feel sad for her. Her world and reality is never going to be how she wants it according to her, and the people who work around her.  So, she was exasperated on how in the world it would be organized, smooth, complete, joyful, thorough, caring, easy, and professional it would be for me. I went to their office 3 times within a week.  

The 3 words that stood out in my mind as multiple staff repeated these same 3 words to me on different days were, “stress, belligerent, chaos.”  The consciousness running through this organization most likely trickles down from the leadership. This is not only their norm, but this is what they glorify.  There are people, heck let’s be honest, societal norms that glorify crisis mode.

 I, on the other hand, have honed myself to the place that I choose to create my reality and feel peace, harmony, love, balance, joy, ease, flow, appreciation, respect, understanding, and “more than enough” to be the vibration, the mindset, the consciousness that I create as my reality as I experience it.  It’s not perfect, but it is doable because it is intended on purpose. My word is law.

When you pull yourself out of the matrix more and more toward mastery, you will step out of victimhood into being a co-creator.  How empowering does that sound? Taking personal responsibility is work, but it’s so much more empowering and liberating than operating from victim consciousness.  Is it time to reclaim your power?

People don’t realize how powerful they are.  Step out of victimhood. You are not a victim to your reality as long as you realize that.  Their words, their thoughts, create their feelings, which create their reality, or how they experience life.  What vibrations are you using to guide you on your co-creating of your life experiences?

Rainbow Heart Freedom Eagle    

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