Reiki & Air

–Reiki & Air–
by:  Rainbow Heart Freedom Eagle
December 13, 2020

Doreen Virtue was famous for her angel decks of cards and books in the new age movement.  She now demonizes metaphysics, her roots where she garnered her fame.  Is new age evil?  I say who the fuck cares.  Too many labels, too many boxes.  People demonize Bear & I, calling us plastic shamans.  Burn the boxes, even when it comes to Reiki!    

Reiki means universal life force energy.  It can go by different names such as but not limited to: prana, life force, elan vitale, breath of life, healing power, healing energy, manna, quantum physics, hands on healing, prayer, manifestation, problem solving, healing period.  Some people may envision it as Jesus or another deity healing people with their hands, or Star Wars Yoda blasting you with the force, hehe!

Air and Reiki neither in and of themselves are not innately evil.  It’s like saying, “Facebook is evil because one received cyberbullying from Facebook.”  It’s like saying, “Guns kill people,” instead of, “People kill people.” 

The #1 cause of death of humans is ignorance.  If we take care of our priorities, then a lot of accidents, tragedies, and problems are preventable.  But that’s just it!  Most are lazy and or immature to think to take the extra miles to make things last for the next employee, let alone for the next generations!  I’m not just talking about physical things like appliances.  I’m talking beyond into systems, processes, cultures, values, lifestyles, into life sustainability.  Immature souls trash our earth and other beings to self-destruction.

Reiki and air are not affiliated with religion.  Anyone has instant and access to air and Reiki that chooses to.  They are both free unless someone charges for them.

When a kid hurts his knee and his mother cups her son’s knee in her hands, this is automatic, instinctual Reiki at its simplest.  It can be scientific.  It can be metaphysical, new agey, spiritual, whatever others label it.  It can be abstract, boundless, infinite, limitless in its capacity, uses, and healing applications.  Some say Reiki cannot harm.

The air can be poisoned.  The air can be purified.  The air is just air.  Too much air, too little air can be harmful for one.  My biology teacher always said, “The dose makes the poison.”

So it is, with Reiki.  People’s intentions can make Reiki harmful, or beneficial, but for whom?  Some use it for warfare.  Some use it to deflect and protect.  Some use it for healing.  Some use it to manifest.  Some use it to solve problems.  Some use it without their own awareness that they are using it.  Some use it purposefully.  Degrees, titles, and levels don’t matter in its potency.  One’s connection to the force determines how adept or inept one is in manipulating the force.  It’s like a chef with his or her culinary arts.  Reiki is an artform that one can always improve and expand on.  Beyond the book, to follow and be merge with spirit, is where the magic, the life altering results happen.

So, will you still say Reiki, air, guns, and Facebook are evil?  Or is it the intention that may be for harm or benevolence that mold how these nouns are used?

Some air can have chemtrails, good for the evil beings who have and continue to poison the humans in order to physically and consciously cap them.  Some air is purified by the houseplants or air purifiers inside buildings. 

Some people use Reiki with different elements such as fire, water, the celestials, the angelics, or different colors such gold, silver, or colors from other planets.

Air is air.  Reiki is Reiki.  What you do with it knowingly or unknowingly is infinitely up to you.

Evil minds propagate evil.

Benevolent minds propagate benevolence.

Seasoned, wise, or maybe expansive minds propagate agendas that expand beyond this 3rd dimension viewpoint of duality, viewing the vast good for all or most.  I honestly cannot label it because it really depends from which beings perspective we are viewing the lens from.  Who are we to judge other extraterrestrials?  Who are we to judge other versions of ourselves in parallel universes?

So, you really have to ask, “Who’s perspective is this benefiting?  Whose perspective is this harming?  Is this for the greater good of all?  Is the harm worth the benefits?  Whose side am I on?  Whose side are they on?  Is there a side?  Am I operating out of lack, or abundance matrix?”  These are just a few examples of types of questions one can ponder to eradicate judgments that perpetuate the problems.

I’m the person who always asks why.  This pisses people off who want to remain in their lullaby.  We can’t do that anymore as it is about to get on and poppin’ in year 2021.  You think 2020 was mind manipulation warfare?  You  haven’t seen nothin’ yet, loves.  I say ask different questions.  The mindset that got you in this muddle in the first place is not the mindset that will solve your problems.  Ask different questions.  Ask helpful, effective questions, point blank period.  Ask questions with true curiosity.  Truly see things from multiple eyes of different beings you know and don’t know.  Ask, “What could it mean to them that I don’t yet see?”

Forgive.  Let go of judgments.  Let go of limitations.  Open your heart.  Open your mind.  Expand!

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