Saint Expedite

Saint Expedite delivers when you are in dire need of help in an urgent manner.  Do you need to pay the rent? Do you need to expedite any prayers, goals, manifestations, or petitions?  This type of petition is not for long term big goals or projects. This is to quicken the attainment of certain needs you need met.  Caution, St. Expedite is also trickster energy, so be careful with him. He is a Roman soldier, sentry crushing “procrastination,” hence the “cras” under his foot.  “Hodie” is Latin for “Today!” He does things today, and does not procrastinate.  

What he wants in payment or return for your petitions is pound cake and a public recommendation for his services.  You can also give him water and yellow and red flowers because yellow and red are his colors. When you ask for his help, he usually works alone, so he doesn’t partcularly like you to ask other spirits to work by his side.  He can and will give you results for what you ask for, but it’s up to you to handle the rest.  

His characteristics that you can use to work with him are:  air, Mercury, Hermes, Wednesday, yellow, red, and pound cake.  Use these creatively with and for him to your advantage.

Take responsibility for manifesting the rest yourself to maintain what he delivers.  You can also use candle magic, with the red and yellow candles when petitioning him. You can also have a figurine of him, and or a card/ picture of him.  Include your petition or prayer of what you are asking of him. It helps to put the paper under the lit candle(s). Set up the altar with the candle(s), prayer and water as an offering because you offer water to your guests as hospitality.    

Pay him the flowers, cake, and recommendation after he delivers, or else he may play tricks and take your gifts without delivering your petition(s).  Guess why I’m publicizing this knowledge? Saint Expedite delivers. Create your petitions wisely folks, there is always karma.

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