Loving the wrong way?

Can you love someone so much?  Is it wrong to love someone so much?  

Sometimes you love someone so much you want them to be with you in every way of your life but they don’t have the capacity to give back or reciprocate.  Sometimes they are meant to fall out of alignment with you because the reasons or purposes are over and have been served. Sometimes you are meant to reconnect again later, who knows!?

If you are meant to grow together,  if you want to keep them, you better check yourself and stop loving them out of desperation, fear, insecurity, or choking.  When you do this, you are actually being vampiric, parasitic, and causing imbalance in the relationship. This is toxic. If you’re in denial and say well love is love, you better ask yourself if you’re repelling people by being too controlling, or tainting your relationship with jealousy.  

I mean, get real, get out of denial.  When you’re subconsciously trying to hang onto someone with these lower vibrations, they will feel it and grow resentment towards you.  It’s not just about the actions.  

Are your actions trying to hook them?  People can love you and you can be blind to it, or you may even reject them because you subconsciously want to ruin the relationship out of jealousy, or other negative emotions.  

People can love you in healthy balanced ways, or unhealthy imbalanced ways.  

Maybe you’re a taker, and you have a grabby energy.  Maybe someone you love is tired of you not reciprocating and not caring for their genuine well-being.  All you care about is giving only what you want to give, but not really giving them what they need. Maybe you only appear when you need something, but when they’re asking for you to be a friend, you ignore it.  You only appear when you need to dump. When I say dump, yes that means both sharing negative and positive, because you’re doing it out of a grabby, needy energy.

It doesn’t work that way.  

People will only take so much of your neediness.  If you can’t handle people changing, growing up, graduating, learning, just growing period, then you are repelling them with your fears, insecurities, judgment and your attachment is not unconditional freeing love.  It is resentment, jealousy, and choking. This is not love. This is unhealthy.  

If you’re in denial or out of touch with your subconscious programming, it’s a cop out to blame the other person when you in fact are the one sabotaging.  But, ask yourself why?  

Why are you sabotaging?  Do you not feel worthy to have healthy relationships?  Does your programming tell you that you deserve abusive fucked up relationships?  It’s not logical, but get real, get deep. Face yourself in the mirror and ask what responsibility did I have in pushing my loved ones away?  Especially if you’re acting out as any type of actions that emotional vampires do, like the splitter-border personality, of, “I hate you! But, please don’t leave me.”  This is passive-aggressive behavior used that repels your loved ones.  

So, yes, you can “love” someone in an unreasonable way.

People use religion or love to manipulate others to do things for them.  This is not love or righteous. It’s just manipulation. There are different tactics people use to steal your power.  If you feel smothered in a relationship, or jipped, or both, ask yourself if they are stealing your power, or if you are giving it away.  Here are different examples of emotional vampires: victim, controller, criticizer, narcissist, border-splitter. There are infinite more labels or examples, but  you get the jist.  

Enjoy, Rainbow Heart Freedom Eagle.

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